Why People Don’t Express Love

As people step into their teenage life they start imagining about love of their life and when they found one, they change themselves for the one they love. From eating habit to living habit, everything is changed but when the time comes to express this love many of lovers step back. No doubt, its 21st century where people are free from old rituals but still there are people who are not able to express their love.

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Here are few major reasons why people don’t express love:

  • Fear of Rejection:

This is the most common reason which resist people to express their love. Most of the people lose their beloved just because they think that it would be very embarrassing if the girl/boy would say them no. You can’t force anyone to love you and world never ends because of rejection of a person. There can be any reason for rejection like he/she might not know you properly or might be already committed. Thus better overcome the fear of rejection and do express your feeling to whom you love.

  • Ruin Friendship:

It is always said that friends can make a good pair because they know each other very well and always accept each other with both negative and positive points. When you are in love with someone who is your very good friend, you don’t have to force yourself for adjusting with that person. But if you afraid that if you will propose your friend and he/she will be no more your friend then change your mind. If their is good understanding between you two then she/he will surely understand your feelings and won’t ruin friendship.

  • Inferiority Complex:

Another reason which you should avoid, many of us think that we are not worth for the person we love or not the kind of person he/she wants to be with. It might be because looks, lifestyle, status or any other thing. But why many of us forget that everyone in this world have uniqueness and no one want to love a clone. So even if you are not same kind of person or lives same kind of life then also there is nothing harm in telling your feelings. May be that person looking for someone opposite, who can complete him/her.

  • Ego Problems:

These days people are so much materialistic that they just want to show off and flaunt in front of others. I really wonder that people are living for others or for themselves. Generally people who tend to show off in front of others, hardly propose first because they think that if he/she would say no it will ruin their status or reputation. Come on guys, stop living for others and when it comes to love, keep your ego aside otherwise you always regret that you lost your so called “True love”.

  • Already committed:

I know many people won’t agree with my views, but then also I want to share my feelings especially to the one who are in love with someone who is already committed with someone else. But I would suggest that if you are hurting yourself a lot in love then atleast tell that person how badly you love him/her. But make sure that you say it casually and don’t force them to love you back, keep in mind that they are already seeing someone else.

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Love is the sweetest gift of god, thus instead of keeping it up to you better express your feelings to the one you love. There can be two chances, either acceptance which would make you feel on the top of world or rejection which might let you down for few days, weeks. Please don’t keep on crying for rejection and be happy that you have enough guts to share your feelings.

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  • Sumanth Kumar May 16, 2011, 11:57 am

    nice post ruchi..all the things u have said are absolutely true..in major cases it may be the fear that the friendship may ruin if one express his/her love..

  • rainbow February 25, 2015, 9:54 am

    I have a problem to someone. I fall inlove w/ her.. I dont know how to open my feelings.. Becauae she is affraid to fall inlove or being love. because of his past..
    How can I handle her and my feelings to her.?

  • sumitran September 29, 2015, 8:02 pm

    Hi, You look so young yet give very mature solid observstion, opinions. Though vary mature, i have lean from you. Thank you very much, I was and am very shy and scared of expressing my romantic feelings though they are genine

    • Ruchi January 13, 2016, 2:50 pm

      Hey Sumitran,

      Glad you liked the article.

  • Ashish Kharwal November 25, 2015, 8:41 pm

    Hello Mam! This is first time that I have gone through this divine feeling if love. My friends support me alot to work hard to express my feelings. One day I met her in garden with her friends sitting aside. But every time I want to tell her about my feelings I forgot what to tell her including my name. But I tried to to communicate her and told her in Hindi that you are very beautiful and I like you. It happens very sudden she gets shocked for a while and without giving any response she left from there giving a cute smile. On that I think that now I feeling relax but it was not so possible. I am still thinking about her and want to talk her one more to express myself. Looking at her it reveals that she is making fun of me but still I love her. Could you please suggest me what would I do ?

    • Ruchi January 13, 2016, 2:41 pm

      Hey Ashish,

      Talk to her when she is alone, without her friends and know where you stand in her life. It’s quite irritating to stay confused about what your crush thinks of you. Don’t get too cheesy while sharing your feelings and if she is not interested then its better to ignore her.

  • Hemant May 21, 2016, 12:29 am

    Love is an awsome feeling and m a kind of a guy who is very reserved..I m shy of telling things to others but yes it is true that I love someone but she is in love with someone else and I really can’t tell her about anything but yes I will love her till I m alive..

  • fawad ali August 3, 2016, 4:14 pm

    hello mam!
    i am in love with someone from last 8 years but i can,t express my feelings with her. it is because she is very beautiful from me,also she is very intelligent and very rich from me.if she reject then i will be no more.so plz tell me what should i do.


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