How to Save your Broken Relationship

How to Save your Broken Relationship

Save a relationshipThere is nothing more hurtful than a Broken relationship. When we are in a relationship with a person who plays a vital role in our life, we are kind of use to and dependent to that person but this is life and sometimes because of few insane blunders such valuable relations gets cracked. People do say that once there is bitterness in any relation its impossible to get the same feeling and respect in that relationship but I don’t feel same. Dealing with broken relationships is not that easy and one need to make sure all steps should be taken carefully and all words mean the same.

If you really want to make up a relation then there are ways to bring a spark in that relation again. But before that you must be sure that you need that person back in your life, I guess if you are reading this article then of course you need someone back in your life.

There can be many reasons because of which love ones, friends, siblings depart but if you still have a soft corner for them  then you should for sure try to revive your relationship again.

Tips to Save a broken relationship:

  • Try your best to make up:

It’s tough to get someone in your life who was your strength, who used to be there when you need a shoulder to cry, who had the power to make you smile and who gives all reason to stay happy. But when such people move away from you then you find yourself lost and need lots of positive energy to get back on track of your life. If the reasons are not so bad for a break up of such relations then there is no harm to revive that relation again and for that you must stay positive and try your best to make up with such special person in your life.

  • Forget and Forgive:

If you think that bitterness in your relationship is because of another person then do remember that he/she is a human being and humans do make mistakes. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes in our life. Thus try to forget the past and forgive others, especially if they made the mistake unintentionally. Forgiving someone never mean that you are less than other people, it shows that you are strong and wise enough to forgive someone.

  • Keep ego aside:

This is the worst part of any relationship which always hold you back to bring your love one to you. After moving apart both people think who is going to break the ice because at that time ego is of higher priority than sweetness and unconditional love. If you really value a relationship then why ego is letting it down? If you really want to make up a relation then do keep your ego aside and use your heart to bring those sweet moments again in your life.

  • The conversation always work:

There are a lot of confusions in your relationships once its breakup without clearing those problems, you wont ever get same feeling for each other. Don’t hide anything from each other. If you are scared that it might worst the situation then thinks twice, what the worst would happen? There is already lots of bitterness in your relationship. May be a healthy and unbiased conversation can bring the love back to your relationship, nothing harm in trying.

  • Start afresh:

Once you both are convinced, forget the past, forget the bad moments and just remember how much important you both are for each other. Start your relation afresh and make sure that small problems and conversation don’t ruin your relationship again.

Bonus tip: If you always want to save a relationship, always be transparent before its too late and you start regretting your mistakes. It helps you to bring trust and maintain a long term relationship. If you are going to have an end of relationship conversation with your partner, and you want to fix this, it’s always a good idea to meet the person and talk instead of using phone, SMS or Emails. When you hold your partner’s hand and  talk to them and try to make them understand your points, this might be really helpful to save this ending relation.

I hope this few factors will surely help to make your broken relationship sweet again. If you have more tips then do share with us, it might help others to get their love back.

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  • david akanyika March 25, 2015, 3:25 am

    we both loved each other very much though stayed different towns and what we wanted was to end up together from nowere she changed but when i tried asking nor talking to her she did say all was ok i moved to a town near her n sold an item we both bought and invested in another business i called to come n see but she dint .the relation got cold n time was passing by i got in another relationship though deeply still in love with my love …and at the end we seperated thus still want my first love.i did talk to my friend who told me she too was asking him were she went wrong plz i want ha back because am not compleat without her

  • Natalia March 31, 2015, 3:06 pm

    hi guys
    My boy friend and i had several fight in a week and in the end of all of them he told me we should end this also he insists to be only friends. After each time he changes his mind. I feel so insequre in this relationship i couldn’t take more uncertenty however i still want to be with him. We have decided to think about our future in 2weeks them decide to break up or not.
    I want to keep this relation ship but i am tried of an unstable relationship.
    What is your advice?


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