What To Do If He Forgets Your Anniversary?

If you are reading this, it means that you probably might be in the shittiest moods ever! Obviously, we girls are superb in this field. We remember all the dates, the date when he probably first held your hand, the day that you saw each other for the first time, the day that you went out with him for the first time, the day when you first kissed . . . everything! But trust me; guys are not that great at all this. And it does NOT mean that he does not care about you anymore. And it surely does NOT mean that he has lost all interest in you and even might be seeing someone else. It is just that he FORGOT!

If he Forgets Anniversary

So what? Even you can’t remember everything. Did you remember all those answers your History teacher made you revise ten times? Was that not important? So if you can forget things, so can he! So stop being so gloomy and walking with the sad cloud all over your head, if you are a girl, you should know that we are more specialised in remembering important dates.

And since I am a die hard feminist so I would like to add, that we are indeed better than guys in all ways possible so remembering dates is not a tough job at all for us but it is not the same for men. Remembering dates is quite a task for them!

Remember he is a human after all:

There may be a million things going on in his mind- work, family, stress, in all that he can forget few things. Those things can really be important but I am sure, nobody deliberately forgets such stuff. So please stop over reacting, it’s your anniversary, you are not supposed to spend all this time, sulking in a corner, chin up, girl!

Drop a few hints:

You can remind him of this day without actually reminding him of it. For that, you can mark the date of the newspaper in red bold marker, before he actually reads it. Mark that date in the calendar which stays in front of his eyes all the time. It might help to remind him of this day without actually having to remind him.

Do things that remind him of that day:

Watch your wedding CD’s when he is around or clean the frame of your wedding picture, replace the flowers of your room with the ones he gave you on the first anniversary, I hope you just got the hint! So do the stuff that actually reminds him of the wedding day, and you never know that he might just recall that it is the most special day of his life!

Take help of friends:

Ok, so your steps didn’t work out, don’t worry, you still have a powerful weapon. Take help from your friends. Ask them to remind him of this day or if you think that they can help you in any other way, ask them to give you a few tips which just might help you to remind him of this day. Obviously, haven’t you heard of the phrase, a friend in need is a friend indeed!

Remind him politely:

If none of the above tips work. It’s ok. Your anniversary is more important than the fact if he remembers it or not. It is your special day. GO AHEAD. And remind him politely that it’s your anniversary today, if he feels guilty; tell him that he can still make up by pampering you for the rest of the day.  I am sure that it would be more amazing than the act of him wishing you first! In the end, it’s the love that matters the most. And I am sure he loves you a lot!

At the end of the day, it’s your relationship that is more important than such silly reasons and it’s your anniversary and the day is too special to be wasted by such a goddamn reason.

So REMIND HIM POLITELY now. I am sure this is the best way to save your day. Forgive him because at the end of the day, we are humans and we too have flaws. So cheer up. What if he didn’t wish you first. At least you can! Wish him with the warmest of hugs and the sweetest of surprises and make sure that this anniversary is the anniversary to remember.

What if he didn’t plan a surprise for you? You can do that. And you can do that in your own special way. Like I know someone who surprised her guy with a room filled with lit scented candles and red roses. The guy was swept off his feet. Completely! Who said girls can’t take initiatives? They can. And they can do it better! I am sure that you are even more creative than that girl I know. So plan it in your own way and do it brilliantly! Kudos!

Healthy Relationship Smiley

P.S: Since I am born with an extra curious mind. I could kill to know how you did that. Please be generous enough to drop in your comments about how you went out of your way and made that day the most special day of your life. Or if you have ever surprised your guy/ girl, please drop in your comments and help others get few ideas!

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  • biaatch November 7, 2015, 8:15 pm

    it’s so easy to be said than done. it sucks that he forgot this special day. he didn’t do anything for this day he didn’t make it up to me either. now what? I want to break up with him. it’s not the first time he’s done this to me. got it okay he’s a jerk and I hate him really really hate him

  • Maryam November 10, 2015, 7:17 pm

    You are amazing! I told him that he had forgotten our 1 month anniversary and he had apologized many times, and we finally met today and kissed!! Thank you!! You’re amazing!

  • Komal kanwar January 27, 2016, 4:34 pm

    My boyfriend told me 2 weeks ago that he would take me to barbeque grill on our first aniversary. And i kind of knew he wont,because i knw him well. But still a smidge of hope that he would do atleast something. But turns out he didnt even wish me. And i knw he remembers it pretty well. He always does that. Make plans before time and the sneaks out inconspicouly.

  • linda July 10, 2016, 2:47 pm

    I’m reading all these my anniversary is coming up. He forgot our very first one I know he will forget this one it pisses me off saying remind him remind him he should remember gosh it only once a year I want him to feel really bad for not remembering how do I do it


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