Five Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

At one moment, it seems that she is totally into you and the next second she behaves as if she just couldn’t care. At one second, she is sure about you and the other second, she is all confused. So you also are undergoing the same stuff and are unable to decide what to do? But then who said relationships are simple? Relationships are always complex and girls happen to be even more complex.

Here I’m sharing those tips which will always be helpful when your relationship is getting complex and you have to win heart of your girlfriend again. And girls, if you are reading this, share it with your guy and let them know what they are missing on to make you happy.

Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Sweet things to say to her

Every girl deserves to be treated just like a princess. Every girl deserves to be loved beyond measure; every girl deserves to be reminded quite often about how beautiful she is. Say these five sweet things for her and she could never have enough of you;

1. You are beautiful:

Trust me, EVERY SINGLE GIRL is beautiful in her own way but we do need that constant reassurance and we love it! Every girl deserves to be told she is beautiful at least once a day. Do that with your girl and trust me, she is going to love you to bits. She might not say that but inside her heart there is always a corner that is filled with insecurities. So the next time when you are going to wish her goodnight, instead of saying just a ‘goodnight’, say “Goodnight, beautiful.” Tell her how beautiful she is to you. Tell her that whenever you can. Tell her how amazing her smile is, how deep her eyes are, and how much you adore that tiny nose . Tell her and make her feel how beautiful she is for you. This would lift her spirits even on the darkest days.

2. You mean the world to me:

Whenever a girl loves, she forgets all the limits and loves passionately. She makes you her entire world, her entire world revolves around you. So do the same to her and if you already do that then also tell that to her, tell her that “Babe, you mean the world to me.” Make sure you notice the huge grin on her face after that and also don’t miss the blush she gets on her cheeks.

3. You are precious:

You are precious

Every girl is like a princess with an invisible tiara. So make sure she feels that way when she is with you. So the next time, she falls ill, instead of just saying “Get well soon, babe” say “Get well soon babe, you are precious. Take care of yourself else I will have to come there and take care of you. Though I wouldn’t mind that either. ;)” Trust me, just this message is going to help her heal. This will make her feel great about herself. People don’t stay with you for who you are but for the way you make them feel. Got that?

4. I can never stop loving you. Like. Ever.

Never Stop Loving

If she loves you, there shall surely be a corner in her heart that would fear of losing you. The corner which just can’t help but make her feel insecure and if she would be insecure, she wouldn’t be happy with you, so make sure you tell her that no other girl in the world can ever compete with her in any terms.  Tell her that you can never ever let her go. Tell her that you will always be there in all thick and thin and would take care of her in every situation. Tell her that with you by her side, she will forever be safe. Tell her “I can never stop loving you. Like. Ever.”

5. Everything else can wait. Not you.

You are my priority

A girl loves it when she is on the top of your priorities list. She will love you more if you can ditch your favourite match just to take her out on a date. She would love it if you keep your best friend’s phone on hold to pick up her phone. These things surely look tiny but for a girl, these things surely mean a lot. A lot. Tell her that everything else in your life comes after her, nothing else in your life can ever be as important as her. Tell her that everything important in your life surely mean a lot to you but not as much as she does. Tell her that you are proud to have her in your life and she happens to be the best thing in your world and you feel lucky to have her in your life.

A girl might get as hard as a nut on the outside but inside her there would always be a corner that is as soft as wax, and that wax needs nothing but the warmth of love to melt. So make sure that you are never short of that warmth. Say these five beautiful things and love the beautiful thing that you are lucky enough to have in your arms. Trust me, Nothing, like really nothing, can ever go wrong in your relationship. And you know what, when a girl loves someone, she loves without any inhibitions, any constraints, any boundaries. Because this is what we girls are like!

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