11 Little Signs You’ve Moved On For Good

No matter how much I share that you should move on and forget the past. However, I know it’s very tough, you always think about the moments you shared, want to say each and every little detail of your life, send silly messages and spend sleepless nights just to receive a simple “Hi” text. Moving over with your life won’t happen in a day or in a week, it happens gradually, sometimes it takes years, but you can move on for sure.

Moving on doesn’t mean that you need to forget your Ex, it is more about breaking all the negative thoughts or about knowing that your happiness/ goals are no more dependable on that person. When you don’t feel any emotional attachment to the person, then it indicates that you have moved on.


Sometimes, subconsciously we don’t even try to move on. We have to understand that moving on is best for our life. When you break-up with the one love, your heartaches (literally) but it’s better to get the real picture and make up our heart that you are moving on with life and most of the time you don’t even realize that you have already started forgetting the moments you spent with him/her. So, here are a few sure signs which will help you realize that you have finally moved on from all negative vibes and heartaches:

  • You have stopped stalking your ex on social networks.
  • You don’t get angry/sad when you see him/her; rather you are totally normal around them.
  • You no longer get frustrated when he doesn’t reply your text and don’t even read old text from your Ex like an idiot.
  • You forget your Ex’s birthday and don’t even regret for not wishing.
  • It becomes quite easy for you to delete old snaps or news about your Ex without giving a second thought.
  • You are happy that your Ex is settled with someone else or if you are not happy, at least you don’t feel jealous anymore.
  • Impression him/her not seems worth your time.
  • All the embarrassing texts or fights don’t bother you anymore.
  • Pretending you are happy without them is a past now because you have learned how to manage and live your life your own way.
  • No more crying while watching romantic movies, happy couples, listening to breakup songs or reading passionate quotes.
  • You don’t hesitate to flirt or go on dates with someone else and have a nice time without missing your Ex.

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Even if a few of above signs seem familiar, then congrats you are all set to move on. It becomes quite easy to move on when you are no more confused that, you ready for a positive life or you are still waiting for your ex-partner. Moving on is not impossible, for me it took years, but when I finally moved on it felt great and eventually world seems brighter. Meanwhile, why don’t you share your story about letting go of your ex and starting a new chapter of your life in the comments?

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