How To Break up With Your Girlfriend in Elegant Way?

Though I would never advice anybody to break up, yet lately I have received a hell lot of mails asking me for help regarding this.  So, here I am! I have researched thoroughly on this by talking to a lot of my girlfriends, reading a lot of stuff on all this. It’s really bad to break someones heart. Sometimes it really shatters a person beyond measure. But still if she is all that devoted to you and you can’t reciprocate that, if she is so much into you and you can’t handle that and you just ‘have to’ break up with her. But at the same time you don’t want to hurt her and also you don’t want her to feel bad about anything.

Break up with your girlfriend

Break Up With Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her

Here are a few tips that would make it easier for you:

1. Start being distant:

Start being distant

Start acting aloof. If you send her a “Good morning beautiful” every day. STOP doing that from today. Stop calling her every now and then, stop picking her calls and replying to her texts all the time, stop getting possessive whenever she talks to other guys. Stop doing the things that you used to do to make her feel special. Start showing that you don’t care anymore. Remember, nothing makes a girl madder than the guy she loves ignoring her. Do that!

2. Stop getting intimate:

Stop getting intimate

This is one of the most important things that you just need to act on. NOW. Just stop whatever intimacies you both used to share. Stop holding her hand like you used to, avoid those parting hugs, just say no to those kisses and don’t even think about doing something else to her. You have to go far away from her not just metaphorically but also literally. Just stop every kind of physical intimacy you have with her.

3. Try to get her involved in her favourite hobbies and interests:

I am sure that there has to be a few things apart from loving you which she is passionate about. Such as writing poetry, making decoration stuff, learning a new language, painting, designing something, cooking or anything! But there has to be something. Find what is it and make her leave everything aside and focus on it. Make sure that she devotes a lot of time in those things that she loves. The time we spend in doing what we love is often the time we are happiest in. And now this is very important that you make sure that you aren’t with her when she does all this. This will help her start finding her happiness without you and would make her realise that she can be happy without you too.

4. Make sure that she creates a happy space in her life without you:

Creates a happy space

Make sure that she meets all her old friends again, help her in finding new friends, make sure that she develops a very strong bond with her friends. Make sure she shops a lot, make sure she laughs a lot, make sure she enjoys her life to the fullest and most importantly, make sure that she does all this without you.

A girl usually forgets her own life, her own self when she is with a guy, she usually makes that guy her complete life, her world revolves around that guy, so all you need to do is to step back and make sure that she enjoys all the other great things of her life. Make sure that she ends up in a happy space personally and professionally without you.

5. Break the news face to face:

Most cruel way ever to break up

Never break up via text messages, it’s the most cruel way ever to break up. Trust me, been there, done that! I know it might get difficult for you but still, at least respect whatever both of you shared in those past days and respect your relationship that much to at least owe each other a last meeting. Break the news to her gently. Tell her that she is one of the most wonderful woman you have ever met but you two aren’t made for each other. Tell her that she deserves every great thing of the world and you can’t stay in her life because you need to make way for someone better who is made just for her, to shower her with all his love, to keep all the promises that he makes, to pamper her beyond measure. Tell her that she will soon find him and would soon be at her happiest best. And leave. For ever.

I hope that this post doesn’t harm anyone. Because love has the power to destroy you beyond measure and you never know how much she is into you. So make sure that whatever you do in life is not hurting anyone in any possible manner. But since we humans are all selfish beings so also make sure that whatever you do in life is not hurting ‘you’ as well.

So if you have something to share with us regarding a breakup you went through or the break up of your friend, feel free to share with us in the comments section. Remember, grief lessens to half when it is shared. And sometimes all you need is an ear to listen to all that you have to say. It surely helps. So give it a try.

What suggestions you have for someone who wants ton breakup with his girlfriend? How one can minimize the damage when a girl is not ready for the breakup?

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  • Shibam Kar May 3, 2016, 2:46 pm

    Shikha Mam, really great. well done. Really its very elegant way. But my gf is becoming very rude, day by day and I don’t want to breakup with her because I really love her very much. So, can u tell me some way to cool her ?

  • Alex May 31, 2016, 7:23 pm

    What if the partner don’t want to breakup?

  • Deepak June 22, 2016, 10:06 pm

    Hahaaaha… nice post…. here someone not getting gf from long time bt you are teaching that how to break up…. :p


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