Dealing with Love Problems – Annoyance or Liberation?

Is she cheating on me? Why didn’t he answer my calls? Is she lying to me? Is he ignoring me? Love is as complicated as a web and a relationship is prone to love problems. But the question is it annoyance or a sort of liberation when you deal with it?

When we are in love – we might face endless Love issues and problems. How to deal with it? You might be too busy to spend time, you feel that your partner is cheating on you or he didn’t pick up your call, not replying to sms or he/she is online on whatsapp but not replying to your messages. It might be a little annoying but you can’t leave love behind for these petty issues. Figure out what you want in life and deal with love problems wisely.

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When we are into a relationship – it is evident that we will face certain love problems. Love is a complicated phenomenon – something that we cannot really put into words even after experiencing it. When you are in love, you will face many love problems as a relationship is prone to it. It so happens when a couple gets married – the honeymoon, shopping phase lasts for an year and then things start changing. Some people are way too excited about the whole concept of marriage but have you thought about the amount of responsibility that you would have once you get into the social institution of marriage? Marriage is certainly not a child’s game and so isn’t love.

Love problems

You are waiting for his call as his phone is switched off. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop – we all have heard about that, haven’t we? You are waiting and your idle mind is thinking that he might be with some other woman sharing his bedroom secrets. When the reality is that he is busy with work and has forgotten his charger at home. Another instance could be that he promised to take you out on a date on a specific date but due to work issues he had to change the dates. To you, it might be disappointing. But for him, he might want you to extend your understanding and support.

Your friend told you that your girl was spotted with some random guy in a café. Whom to believe? Your friend who might be lying or your girl whom you are dating for years? There shouldn’t be any confusion here as trust is the base of any relationship. If it is making you think then you are in for serious trouble. There are lots of love problems in this world – it would probably take a decade to jot down all of them.

Weigh it out & Fix your Love issues:

When you are in love, you will have little tiffs which might lead to a war but is it worth it? Sometimes it can be very stressful to be able to spend 15 out of 24 hours in a day with your partner. The key here is to wait for your partner and extend your support. Nobody likes a nagging partner who is constantly revolving around you like satellites. There might be endless hardships in a relationship but we should always remember to show our love to our partner as that is the best way to connect. Showing love doesn’t really have to be buying an Audi or diamond necklace for your partner on every birthday but some small things like just being there for them can make a huge difference. You can always make an effort. Even if you are running short of money, flowers can do the trick! Flowers are not too expensive and also have the power to brighten up someone’s day. Send some nicely scented flowers to his office or bring home red roses for your lovely lady – it might just make their day. Never ever forget an important day. Many women complain that men forget important days. Show her that you remember – she will appreciate it.

Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or even his/her birthday – never go empty-handed even if you are super-broke. A box of chocolates too can bring a smile on your partner’s face. It doesn’t take much time to go to a shop and pick up a chocolate box, does it?  A small note which says ‘I love you’ can actually be an icing on the cake. Saying ‘I love you’ once in a day can actually bring a difference in your relationship. Many people who are in a relationship crib that their partner does not make an effort to say those three magical words in a day. To be honest, it takes a lot of conviction to say those three words. If you really love, then make sure you say it at least once in a day.

Giving time has become a big issue. Many couples are not able to spend time with each other as they are constantly in a rat race, working hard and trying to make it big. To be honest, love problems can be many, but giving time is the biggest problem in a relationship. It can make or break a relationship. You might be a super-busy person but never ever make your partner feel that they are lonely because that leads to cheating on you.

When our partner starts finding happiness somewhere else, we assassinate their character without thinking that we are the sole reason for the same. If you give time to your partner, shower endless love – maybe our partner wouldn’t even think of going to someone else to find happiness. It doesn’t matter if you do not have time – a short call in a day or ‘I miss you’ can actually make a big difference. Why do people cheat on their partners? It is because they are not finding the happiness that they should get from you. Before pointing fingers, you might just want to reflect that you might be at fault too.

In relationships, don’t put your partner on hold – hanging somewhere like a spider because every individual craves for some love. We all want to be loved. Relationships can get stormy but the ball is in your court – you can make it or break it. You might face endless love problems, but don’t give up and show your love and never ever put things off. And always remember that everybody needs a little loving. You too! Dealing with love problems is not kung-Fu. All you need to do is be patient and give it your best.

Have you find yourself stuck in Love issues? How do you deal with it? Are you strong enough to stand up and fight for your life or you stand up and walk away to find another one?

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    I am trying to make my relationship more better but does it really true what ever you have writen above?


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