Why Facebook Damaged Many Relationships

Why Facebook Damaged Many Relationships

Facebook breakupThis social networking site called Facebook has pretty much became a part of our daily lives. Initially, its all fun to be connected to so many new people, talk to new people who shares the same interests, same likes., flaunt your life through pictures, express your mind by updating your status or joining some group.

But if not use productively, Facebook can be harmful to endless extend. Specially in term of relationships, Many people might disagree with me and many might as well agree. coins has two faces. There were many studies conducted in psychological departments in various universities around the world. All proved similar result that networking site like facebook can lure us to distrust. Facebook breaks up relationships.

I, for once was a Facebook Addict. I found my love on Facebook and we dated for long. I’m sure there are many like me who found their love on Facebook. some are now happily married but these relationships often end up in disaster due to misunderstanding caused by fb. according to the department of psychology at the canadian university study shows that fb may leads to tension and jealousy between the couple.

How Facebook breaks up Relationships:

It is in human nature to be curious. To want to know what goes on behing that privacy setting. After all, who would not bother why an ex gf/bf is doing on his/her partner account. The extra friendly comment that gave out extra meaning.

Its universal understanding that one will try her/her best to enhance the Facebook profile page, with the best picture and best description. hence, it’s alarming to see if there is banal comment on the status or pictures on our partner’s feed by the opposite sex. the curiosity and suspicion will increase jealousy and eventually end up in fights.

If an ex bf writes something on your wall or may be a guy you just met through common friend happens to make a flirty comment on your picture. it may look like nothing to you but the way your partner perceive can not always be the same.

The common mistakes that people make to avoid fights about facebook is by changing privacy setting. the privacy setting is mainly for excluding informations you don’t want to share with random people on social networking site. But study has also shown we often make mistake by excluding our own people but welcoming random people to have access of our profile. It makes people more reachable and easily get carried away.

Its so common these days to see guy or girl, fought with their partner and waste no time in changing relationship status and unfriend your partner. Putting up a sad status or sad pictures to express their emotions. You might see there is nothing wrong to express yourself. Truth is you are inviting people to come into your life when you are most vulnerable.  It is easy to get carried away to sweet talk. it is easy to flirt and being the easist place to meet new people. but what we doing is seeking temporary happiness and forgetting what we left behind. We are so busy looking forward getting lure by sweet talks that we actually forgot someone we left behind might be worth fighting for.

Not just on relationship, but fb also has major affect on personality and mental state. we exposed ourselves by adding random people to increase the number of friends. Putting up best picture for the “likes.” this might help increase your self esteem. The comments on your status can make you feel wanted. But when it will die down,  This has major affect on a person’s personality. You’ll stop living for yourself but start living up to others expectation. What you should write to get people to comment and likes. Which places to go and how to pose for fb.

Many people are suffering from low self esteem by comparing their life to others on Facebook. It has make people become more available, less reasonable, less thoughful, insensitive.

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Today every 3rd person we know have a facebook account. It’s easy to create a Facebook account or close account. Its easy to add new people and unfriend or block. Be the judge of your situation not let random people suggest you or show your sympathy. They may have read your status but they definately don’t know your story.

How many of you believe Facebook has become one of the major reasons for breakups and dating too? Do you think, Facebook should be a reason for breakup’s?

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  • Francisca Arkoh August 25, 2012, 12:25 am

    all de advice given corncerning relationship are all good and i have taken notice of that and i think it will realy help me maintain my relationship. please am havin a problem with my fiance and i dont know how to go about it.a bout a month now we are not in good terms not that we are not talkin we are but is not all that good if idont call him he wont call me this was due to some small misunderstanding i reali love him and cant do without him please help me out make my relationship work for me please the relation is a long distant relationship

  • Manik khan February 28, 2013, 9:39 pm

    100% true Facebook breakup many many relationship & family…

  • Divyanshu Sharma November 13, 2014, 6:23 pm

    4 days ago i lost my love..
    bcoz many misundrstnigs had been created by my fb account….
    i love only my gf,i teated her as a my wife,she also loves me lot… but she opened my fb account nd read the chats…
    i nvr involve fb life in my prsnl life..
    i flert evry girl on fb..
    nd evrygirl said me i love u… reading this msgs my gf have got many misundrstnding..
    she think that i cheat her…
    but i love her only in my life… no one can take her place ..
    i’ll nt live widout her… she is my life world…
    nw she hates me.. :'(


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