5 Cruicial Signs: It’s Time to End Your Relationship

We always want to be in a happy relationship. Of course there is no relationship where you don’t have fights or different habits, but apart from a lot of differences, we always try to understand other person’s perception and think how that relationship is making us a better person and completing us in various aspects of our life. But when the relationship seems to be exhausting and you have to put off your dreams and happiness on stack then it’s better to end the relationship.

End Relationship

Ending a relationship sounds bitter and a tough decision to take, but sometimes it’s better to move on from a relationship. Read the signs below and if you can relate to them, then it’s high time to end your relationship.

How to know when to end a relationship:

  • Lack of Trust:

Lack of trust

If you are a frequent reader of LetsTalkRelations, then you would know that we share a lot about having trust in the relationship, because we do believe that if you love someone, you won’t ever break their trust. Trust is the foundation of love. It’s tough to get intimate or feel safe around someone you don’t trust. If your partner is continuously keeping secrets about where they are or keep hiding important things from you, then lack of trust has already targeted your love life. Once trust is missing from relationship then it’s tough to rebuild it and thus if you are facing trust issues in your relationship, then it’s good to think about your relationship’s future again.

  • Communication is Hard:

Lack of communication

You feel very exhausted and need extra oxygen when you talk to someone whom you don’t like. You are never interested in knowing what’s happening in their life and what their dreams are. Even when you try to start a nice conversation it generally ends up in blaming or putting each other down, thus it seems to be quite rather than talking to your partner. When it’s all over in relationship, couples do find hard to express their feelings. It’s a bad sign when you stop arguing or share your problems with each other and bottled up your frustration or problems.

  • Never Plan Future together:

When relationships are on negative track, you start feeling better when you are not around your partner. Whereas, in love, we always make plans thinking about our partner’s happiness and involvement. It’s quite repelling when you and your partner are having different life’s principles and none of you is not ready to support each other dreams or you are not mentally ready to think about having a long-term happy relationship with your partner. If you have both are planning future without each other, then it’s time to let go of this relationship.

  • Fantasize about someone else:

young love triangle

When a person is not physically or mentally satisfied in a relationship, then he starts looking for satisfaction with someone else.  When there is a lack of communication or physical intimacy then you start daydreaming about the person who you really like and start planning your future together. If you are thinking about someone else while talking or getting intimate with your partner then it’s better to move out of the relationship.

  • Physical and Verbal abuse:

If you are suffering physical or verbal abuse in your relationship, you are in a lethal relationship.  You can’t live your life when you are always scared and get cold chills from other person you are living with. If you are quietly suffering from abuse and controlling habit of your partner then you are killing your inner voice and it will surely lead to mental and physical illness. Thus, if you are facing such downward spirals in relationship, then consult a counselor or just end the relationship. Here are some sign of an abusive relationship:

  1. Jealousy
  2. He/She’s controlling
  3. Unrealistic expectations
  4. Will put you in isolation
  5. Blame others for his/ger mistakes
  6. Hypersensitive
  7. Frequent Mood swings
  8. Violence
  9. Using abusive words frequently

If all above is happening in your relationship and you feel as if you are living with a stranger, then it’s better to talk to experts about it. You might be suffering because you are pressured by society/family or you still think that your partner will gradually change, but it’s not going to happen by itself.  Trust your intuitions and consider either taking action to improve your relationship or moving out of the relationship.

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  • Esther July 7, 2016, 8:30 pm

    its almost an year since we got in to a relationship with my boyfriend but things are getting hard since he is very sensitive and temperamental. we’ve been fighting because of minor mistakes like I didn’t say goodnight before sleeping or I took delay before replying his texts. I love him so much and don’t to loose him. he loves perfection but no body on earth is perfect. we’ve not talked for a week apart from just saying hi and its over. advice me on what to do we love each other but we almost breaking up.


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