Kickass Tips To Make a Man Fall For You?

So you saw this really cute guy at your office. He seem everything you have ever wanted in a guy. He is charming and incredible and amazing and a lot more. You feel an adrenal rush the moment you look at him, the moment you talk to him, you feel like millions of butterflies are freed inside your stomach. He is what you think about all day and night.  He continuously stays on your mind. Yet you do not want to confess it to him. You want to make him fall for you and say all those beautiful words to you sitting on one knee.

Make a man Fall for you

Here you go, girlie! Read out these kickass tips and know how you can make him fall for you. Head over heels. Like you have fallen for him, head over heels! Read on.

1. Create a sense of mystery around yourself:

Guys love that.  There should be a mystery surrounding a girl, this invokes the interest. Never let a guy know you inside out. It kills the mystery and sometimes the interest too. He shouldn’t know about how you spend each second of your life. So next time if you bite his head off while giving every single detail of your life. STOP. And think about sustaining a mystery. That’s what will make you a diva.

2. Try looking your best whenever he is around:

I need not tell this to you because I am already sure of the fact that you would be already doing that. Ain’t I right? So next time if you are sure enough to see him around, just dress up your best. Kill him with those looks. And even if he is not around, you should always dress up, it always makes a girl feel better. About herself. About everything. So find all those clothes that are of the shape and type that just flatter your body. And if you don’t have them. Just go shopping!

3. Have stimulating conversations with him:

A good Conversation

In the end, nothing else matters but the conversations. In the end, that’s the only thing that is left. Looks die, interest in sex dies but conversations always binds two people together. So make sure that whenever you talk to him, you have really amazing conversations with him. A girl who can hold on to conversations is always a big turn on.

Tip: A conversation means that two people talk in that. So make sure that you are not the only person talking. Make sure that you also lend an ear to his stuff. Be a good listener as well.

4. Let him know that you are a lot more than just a pretty face:

I know you have a pretty face but I am sure that’s not the only quality you have. Make sure he knows that you are much more than a beautiful girl. Make sure he sees your talents and qualities. If you are caring, then it’s a big plus point. Guys just love those girls who care about them, who care about people, who care about everything. So if you have that caring side, show that to him.

If you are great at your work, let him know that. So make sure that he sees what you are worth of.

5. Carry yourself confidentally:

Be Confident

No matter how beautiful you are, no matter how great you are as a person, if you don’t have the confidence, it ain’t worth it. So make sure that you first feel great about yourself as this will help you gain the much needed confidence. Make sure you carry yourself with oodles of confidence enough to sweep him off his feet. You know that nothing is sexier than a woman with confidence.

6. Don’t be TOO available:

Guys totally want the girl that they have to chase. This chasing game is like a big turn on for them. Even we women are no different. We too want the chasing game. Don’t we? May be that is the reason you fell for him at the first place. So make sure that you aren’t up for a coffee every time he calls up, make sure that he is not the ONLY person you talk to, make sure that he knows that you too have a lot in your life. So show a few tantrums, make sure you aren’t too available.

Tip: The girls that are too available often end up being in the friend zone of the guys. I am sure that if you are reading this, you want to make him fall in love with you not end up become his 3 a.m friend. Isn’t it? So please ignore a few calls. Don’t reply in a second even to the messages sent at 3:00 am. Make sure that he knows your worth.

7. Be yourself:

Be Yourself

We humans have a small life, it isn’t too big and too unimportant to be wasted on being like other people. So make sure that you don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Be yourself, because that’s the best thing that you can do to yourself. That’s how he should love you. Don’t change yourself for anyone.

Since I am a huge bollywood buff, I remember that line from the cult bollywood movie ‘Mohabbatein’: ‘Jo tumse pyaar kare, tum jaise ho vaise kare, jo tumhe badal ke pyaar kare, wo pyaar nahi, wo sauda kare, aur sahiba, pyaar me sauda nahi.’

Translation: If someone loves you, he should love you the way you are, if he tries to change you and then love you then it’s not love, it’s trade and in love, there is no trade.

So girl, you are too precious. Make sure that you don’t forget your own worth while being after a guy. Make sure that you don’t do things that you are sure that you are going to regret later. Anyways, wish you a good luck! May you get that guy really soon!
P.S: If you like these tips. Please comment below and let me know. Have a happy day!

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