Six Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Relationships often turn out to be big mess. Often we do not know the difference between falling in love and being in a relationship and you know how guys are. Complicated, sophisticated, irrational, it takes quite a lot to understand guys. But then there is always a way to do things and there is always a way to decode those codes. Just make sure that you read this post very carefully and know those cheat tips.

Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Sweet things to say to him

Just say these sweet things to a guy and be assured of the fact of having him there throughout. So what have you waited for? Read on;

1. I am all yours!:

I am all yours

Guys believe in claiming properties. If they want you. They want you completely. They would want to be the only person in your life, they would want to have a particular right over you. Guys would love to hear that “I am all yours!” Guys would not want any other guy even in the boundaries of your life. I am talking about romantic implications.

So girl, make sure that you don’t only say it but also live upto it. Make sure that you do that too. Make sure that he is the only one you are romantically/ physically involved with. You would never like it if, a guy you are with is involved with someone else, so make sure you don’t even do that too.

2. You are the most amazing man I have ever met!:

Most Amazing Man

Guys do have huge ego issues. Trust me, each guy has that. Make sure you give that regular massage to his ego and he would never ever even think of losing you. So tell him today that “Baby, You are the most amazing man I have ever met!” I am sure he would love it.

3. You look so hot today!

Men Too Love Being Complimented

Contrary to the perceptions, guys too love it when they are being complimented. While they get ready they also think about the girl they want to woe. So compliment them to make them feel that you care about how they look. This will also boost up his confidence and make him feel good about themselves. And the person who feels good about himself would definitely be have at his best too. He compliments you so much, he should be given some too, shouldn’t he?

4. You are my world:

Most Important Person

I am sure that you would love hearing that from your guy. Then he too is a human, he would also love to hear that. So tell him that “You are my world.” Like girls, guys too love to be on the top of your priority list. They too love to be the most important person in your life. They too like being loved by you without any inhibitions so tell him that ‘You are my world.”

5. No guy in the whole wide world can ever make me feel the way you do. You are wonderful:

Again this has a lot to do with giving your guy a good ego massage. They do adore the girls who give them regular ego boosts. So make sure that you tell this to him about how special it feels to be with him and how no other guy can even come close in making you feel the way he does. Plus, this tip has an extra benefit, it will help you motivate him to treat you even better which is again a sugary tip for you. Two way benefits, right? Impressed, eh?

6. You know what is the only time I want to spend with you? A lifetime!

A Lifetime Relationship

A guy should know that you are thinking about long-term commitments with him. Come on, he treats you so nicely, takes you out frequently, showers all his love and attention on you, he deserves this much. So if you are really thinking about long-term commitments with him, tell him! He is no omniscient, he cannot know what you are thinking, so stop dropping those hints and tell him straightforwardly, “You know what is the only time I want to spend with you? A lifetime!” I am sure he would have a huge smile on his face as soon as he hears this.

So girls, as you cross the paths of life, there would be a lot of faces that you will see, but remember sometimes there is a lot more than what meets the eye, so make sure that you choose the right person. Because when you are with someone, you devote all your time and love on him and if the person turns out to be wrong, it’s all a waste. And if you have already been with wrong people , then don’t worry, it’s all life’s plans to teach you better, I am sure you would have had learnt a lot from all the failed relationships, make sure you never forget that.

P.S: I am humbled with the amount of lovely mails I am receiving these days because of these blogs. Thank you. A bear hug to each one of my readers. If you have tried the above mentioned trick of saying these wonderful things to your guy then let us know how he responded. Please mention your experiences in the comments section below.

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  • shadae February 16, 2015, 7:08 am

    My boy friend forgot our 3 year anniversary and it made me really upset and sad

  • Kay March 20, 2015, 7:56 pm

    I have been seeing a man for a year now. We are both in our 70’s and we both enjoy having sex with each other. He sees other women also and I have excepted that. What I do have a problem with is some of his women friends have been seeing him for a few years and they also know he sees other women. On woman he sees has been seeing him for about 8 years and she is like his wife who handles business for him and they share their phone plans etc..he tells me he does not have sex with this woman because she does not turn him on. So he sees other women and he hooks up with them on the dating sites. He tells me about some of them. Like I said I have accepted his lifestyle. He sees me about once a week, (very seldom on weekends) when he is away from me I will text him about something or just saying “i miss you” and a day later he will answer my text, which in my mind I feel he is with someone else and that is why he is not texting me. This is what bothers me when I get the silent treatment. I would like to stop seeing him because it just hurts so bad when he ignores me for days and then when he wants to see me I always accept him with open arms. We have great sex but that is all and he says he loves me but he loves all his lady friends like you would love your dog, sister, brother etc., so I am aware that he does not love me like I love him. I can handle him seeing other women its when he goes for days without texting, calling,emailing me or whatever. Whenever he comes over I am happy and he makes me feel special at that time..when he leaves I feel it will be a few days and I do not hear anything from him. I try not to text him or call him to see if I get a response but I do not. I want to stop seeing him because he is on my mind constantly and that is not healthy. He has always been this way he tells me he loves women and he loves sex with different women. What I have read about is this is normal for alpha men. He does not mind if I see other men which I do not because I am just not into being intimate with different men. I would like your opinion of this.

    • Lena murphree February 18, 2016, 11:13 am

      I agree you deserve better however I know when your heart is into someone it’s not so easy to just let go. I would have a conversation with this man & be completely honest about how you feel. If your willing to accept the other women tell him you want more communication if not tell him you want a commitment either way if he is over 70 he can’t keep this up forever show him your the one be different from the rest if you really want him or experience & date someone else you have many options good luck to you I hope I have a great love life after 70 😊

  • Julie July 30, 2015, 11:34 pm

    Kay, please do yourself a favor and let go of this guy. You deserve so much better. Please treat yourself well and don’t waste your time on this sorry excuse of a guy who cannot appreciate the fine woman you are.


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