How To Approach Women At A Party?

So you went to that amazing pub in the city and among all other amazing things you saw there, you also saw that amazingly beautiful woman, looking at whom you just forgot your breath. But you are unsure of how to approach her. Ok, so here I am posting a few tips that would come handy to you while approaching women in pub.

Approach women at party

May be that would help you out. I never thought that I would be writing this one.  So just have a look!

How to Get start talking to a women at a party?

1) Look at her as much as you can:

Look. Yes, look at her as it would help her notice that someone as amazing as you is noticing her. It would let her know that you are interested. You never know that may be she too finds you attractive and takes a step herself, in. But yes, control your eyes, no matter how attractive and tempting and gorgeous you find her cleavage to be, focus on her eyes. You should not ever come across like a pervert. Got it? So make sure you don’t come across as a satire. Women don’t repel anyone more than them.

2) Whenever she looks at you, don’t even battle an eyelid:

Try to hold on to the eye contact as much as possible. As longer as you could. Sometimes eyes say the best possible words and eye contact makes the best possible conversations. So hold on to the eye contact as longer as possible and try to make the most of it but letting your eyes express what you really want to express.

3) Pass a smile:

Pass her smile

I am sure you have a great smile. The kind that just brightens up a face. A smile is usually the feature that overshadows every other feature. Who wouldn’t want to see a smiling guy. So what are you waiting for? Pass on your most stunning smile and just make her go weak in her knees. You never know how devastating an effect your pearly whites may have on those around you.

4) Go and talk:

One of the biggest mistake most of the man make is by not using the right word to start a conversation. By staring for quick seconds you already showed your interest, and now you need to show you are worthy to have her company. Keep few lines in your disposable and use them to start a conversation. If you are going to use the same pick-up lines that is being used by 10 others at the same party, you know how slim your chances are. Rather start by using a conversational line and then flirt your ways out. You can say anything like “Have you seen those two girls fighting outside”? Or could show 1-2 magic tricks if you know of it. The idea is to get her involved in conversation and rest your charm will do the magic. (Only if you have!).

5) Be confident:

Yes, you heard it right. No matter how great you look if you lack confidence, you can never look the way you want. A confident guy with average looks would be any woman’s take over a not so confident guy with looks like a greek god. Get that? So give your confidence a new high. Be confident. And also remember that there is a huge difference between confidence and arrogance. No lady would want to be surrounded with arrogant dickheads, so make sure that you don’t come across as one.  Give compliments in a limited number, because too much will make you uninteresting.

6) Don’t be pushy:

Don’t go down and say “Please let me buy you a drink.” “Please let me get you a drink.” “Why don’t you let me get you a drink?” “It would be an honour to get you a drink. Let me.” Remember, if she has refused a drink, it means that she doesn’t want it. You don’t have to be pushy even a little. So stop being pushy. Just be yourself.

7) Accept that a ‘No’ means a ‘NO’:


If she is saying that she is not interested, it means that she is NOT interested. And this, surely does NOT mean that she is interested but needs a bit more persuasion. So, be a gentleman and step back and just stop bothering her. Every girl deserves a lot of respect. Make sure that you never cease in giving respect to a woman. RESPECT. You get that?

So, after all these tips, I am sure you had a great night in the bar. And as you know, being a blogger, I am ALWAYS gossip hungry. Please share in your adventures/misadventures in the comments section below and share the fun. Hoping a lot of nasty comments below and wishing you a rocking night, I sign off! Hope on for a few fun comments now.

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