How to Give Space to Your Loved Ones

In every relation “Space” matters the most. It’s human nature to get bored of something if you get too much of that. If you love someone, understand how to give space to each other, as it’s good for your love and good for your personal development.

When you are attached with someone in a relationship, you want to be with your loved one each and every second. Attachment is good but sometimes people forget to give space to each other to make relationship strong. There is a myth that giving space to your loved one might result in loneliness in relationship but its not true.

How to Give Space

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No matter its friendship or love, giving sufficient space is a key to improve any relationship. Giving space in a relation makes relation strong and it shows that you trust and understand your loved one. Here are few factors which will help you to give space to your loved ones.

How to Give space to someone you love:

  • Let your loved one to spend time with other friends or relatives. This will help him/her to enjoy life and will be back with more refreshed mood and it will make your day too.
  •  Let him/her enjoy hobbies, it may be dancing, outdoor games, adventures etc. You might miss your loved one for an hour or two but again he/she won’t feel that because of your relationship they are not able to do what makes them happy.
  • No matter how much you care or love each other but sometimes everyone like to stay alone and need privacy to deal with problems. People often like to deal problems with their own thus if your loved one is feeling low then try to understand that wether he/she needs time alone to think over problem or need you to discuss about it. Make sure your interference is not making situation worst.
  • If the person is working on some urgent project or in a meeting then make sure that you don’t keep on calling him/her for silly reason or just to know what he/she doing. Trust your loved ones, they might be in important work and you might be irritating them by calling or asking lots of questions. If you have doubt, you can clear later when they are with you and of course in a peaceful way.
  • Stop asking lots of questions about their friends, their work, phone calls etc. This shows that you don’t trust your partner and its most easy way to make relationship worst no matter its just a friendship or love.

Giving space to you loved ones doesn’t mean that they are moving away in relationship rather this will show how much you understand your partner or friend and he/she will surely appreciate it. This will make your relationship more strong because you won’t be one who is overbearing in relationship.

If I ask you to share your one tip on how to give space to the person we love. What would be that?

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