Few Qualities Men Wish To Have In Their Girlfriend

You know how men are, they have certain wants, desires, feelings. Yes, contrary to what you people think, men too have feelings, they too get hurt, they too feel, they too care and they too love. So what are the qualities that guys want in a girl that they would want to spend a lifetime with? I guess I got you thinking at this question. Don’t worry! After a decent research done on my guy friends, here I am with the answers to the popular question “What are the few qualities men wish to have in their girlfriend?

Qualities Men Wish in Girlfriend

Read on and find out!

1. The caring side :

They should be great as much as the caring side is concerned. A girl who cares about them really is a sign of a ‘keeper’ for them. They would never want to lose a girl that cares about them. No guy in the world would ever, like ever, want a girl who doesn’t care shit about him. I know all you girls are really soft in the inside, show that. If you really care, show that!

2. They should be great in bed :

Wild with your GF

You know how guys are, sex is their most favourite thing in the world. Guys love the girls who are not like an ice slab on bed. They want their girls to be equally wild. They want them to do some action too. So unveil the tigress in you. Before going on the next point I would sneak out a new tip for you: Guys love the girls who dominates in bed. So you know what you need to do! Eh? *wink*

3. The ones who are devoted to her work :

Surprised at this one? I was too. But this is what men want, they wouldn’t want a girl who would wait for them at home all the time hoping for them to take her out when they come back from work. Guys love the girls that have their own life. Their own work. Their own set of friends. Their own set of goals. Now you know what I meant. So just because now you have a guy in your life, it surely doesn’t mean that you will put everything else on the backseat. Especially the things that used to mean the world to you before you started dating him.

4. The ones who are a perfect combination of maturity and childishness :

Guys wouldn’t want to date a girl who has the serious mode on 24*7. Nor would they want to date the one who thinks that she is still a school girl, the girl who even after ten years of passing school, behaves like that! So as I have mentioned earlier too, be childlike but don’t be childish. Trust me, there is a lot of difference between the two. So be the best you can be at that.

5. The ones who have a maternal instinct :

Studies have proved that the women men find themselves closest to is their mother. They try to find their mother in the girl they date or end up with. So the girls who have that maternal instinct are the favourite amongst men. Especially the ones that cook like their moms. Girls get your culinary skills enhanced. Show that you care. So girls, now you know what you need to enhance in yourself? But trust me, don’t go overboard with that. Guys surely don’t want another mother!

6. The ones who carry off themselves well :

The way you carry yourself is a big depiction of how you would treat people around you. As they say “Love thyself” so shower that extra love on yourself to make the guy know how loving you can get. And also, guys note those superficial things a lot. You know looks do play an important role. If not much, then at least a little. It surely does, at least in those initial courtship days. So dress your best always. You know what, here I would like to share a tip from my own life, even when I am depressed I am all dressed up. So look your best always. Or at least try to look your best always.

7. The ones who have a happy tinge permanently fixed on their face:

Ok, you have two friends, one is annoyingly happy all the time and the other one has that Devdas mode on, all the time, whom would you prefer? Obviously the former! So girls, you know how devastatingly beautiful your smile is? Get it on your face more often. Smile more. Stay in that happy space as much as possible. And stop inflicting those self created troubles in your life. Nobody would want to date a tragedy queen. Got it? Be happy. Let others stay happy. Your happiness would be a major factor in your favour that would help you win your prince charming!

P.S: No matter what kind of girl a guy would want to date, no matter if you have the above mentioned traits or not. You are perfect in your own way. You are beautiful in your own way. Be yourself because that’s the best thing you can do to yourself. Trust me, you are the most amazing woman ever!

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  • Anushmita Dutta February 14, 2015, 10:54 pm

    These facts are true and it is also true that we must love ourselves also. But, whenever we are in a sad mood why is it necessary to be dressed up nicely?

  • daniel March 1, 2015, 9:09 pm

    Problem with women is you never know what they really want.
    ” I need you to be more sensitive’ they say. But if you shed a tear,you’re a wimp. Can’t have it both ways,girls1
    Plus they only want you to be sensitive to THEM. Not anyone else,not even yourself.
    The other thing they rail about is how men don’t talk to them.
    ‘Talk to me,talk to me!’ they say. But the underlying message is,don’t tell me anything I don’t want to hear.

  • Antarima October 18, 2015, 9:35 am

    What should I do if I am very much upset with his behavior?


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