Falling in Love with Someone You Can’t Have

Falling in Love with Someone You Can’t Have

Falling in love is the best feeling in this world. I know many of you think that love hurts a lot, partners are not trustworthy, they don’t understand your feelings or only you love them they don’t. If you feel all these negative things then please read this each and every word of it, with a practical approach. I am sure, it will help you a lot to enjoy your love rather than regretting it. This is one of the worse things that can happen to anyone, falling in love with someone you can’t have.

>The most challenging phase of love is when you fall in love with someone, whom you can’t get or not even think of getting him/her in your life. It hurts sometimes, and you even feel very painful when you miss that person. Loving someone is not in your control, it’s just a feeling and tough to get over it.

falling in love with someone you can't have

Now, it’s up to you that how you take this love in your life, with a positive approach or negative approach? Having a negative approach has kept on crying for that person, who don’t take you more than a friend and not even notice your tears. Another approach is to take the feeling positively and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

How to be in love when another person when another person don’t love you back:

  • Think in a positive way:

If you think that providing tips is very easy and applying them is very difficult than just for five days try to apply these tips with a positive approach. No tips can make your life better unless you want it to be better. If you will keep sympathy with yourself and expecting same with others, you won’t able to enjoy the feeling of true love.

  • Expectations:

True Love is always unconditional, then why you start expecting that the person should love you back?

If you are expecting to return the love back as much as you love him/her then it’s not true love. Why can’t you just love that person? Love is neither a business nor a give and takes relationship. How you can think of love when you have so many expectations. Even if he/she doesn’t reply to your text messages, emails or phone calls, why you get hurt? You want to convey your feelings, and you did that. Don’t ever expect that the person will respond it back otherwise it will hurt you for sure.

  • Don’t force them to love you:

The main reason for not getting the person you love is that they don’t love you or might be committed to someone else. Think once from his/her point of view, you might not be the one he/she is looking for. Everyone has their choice, and they have all rights to choose the one they find interesting and loving to them. You can never force anyone to fall in love with you.

The day you will stop crying for your love, you will start enjoying it. If you find it tough to get over the person you love then waits for my next article for tips to get over someone you love.


But yes, the best advice would move on. Life is short, and there is no point in waiting and falling in love with someone you can’t have. Instead, find someone special, who completes you.

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  • Jitesh May 10, 2015, 2:57 pm

    Hi Ruchi I need your help. So there’s a girl and she’s my friend. I talk to her daily through texts. I am getting more attached to her, infact I think whole day about her. But recently I just got some facts like she already have told her parents about the other guy whom she is going to marry. That’s fine its her choice. But the confusion starts when she tells me that she never ignore me, she tells me she understands me alot, she gives me indication she likes me alot. I somehow have made my mind to move because I can’t imagine myself with her now,I don’t want to be with her now. But also I don’t want to stop contact with her completely. But her thoughts in my mind have completely ruined me. I am lost. I am completely got distracted from my goal. I can’t focus. I was a highly motivated guy but her thoughts have completely ruined me. I have lost energy and dedication for my goals. I am ruined completely.
    Pls help me overcome and move on without stopping to contact her.

    • Ruchi June 7, 2015, 4:11 pm

      Hey Jitesh,
      Move on..try to stop all contacts with her.It might be tough but it would be good for your future. She is already committed and still wants you around. Hope you get the point.

    • sumit August 24, 2015, 2:27 am

      dear jitesh, time changes everything brother,it will take long time to heal ur pain. and i think u r a good person and she is playing with u. it will take years to heal ur pain,u got no choice u have to wait and the healing process may takes years.i have been through this trust me, some day when u will find someone else like ur type and i hopethat day u will not only find peace and u will also find happyness.

  • Cece May 16, 2015, 6:59 pm

    I happen to be in a painful situation and it’s all my fault.
    So, I have a boyfriend, whom I am deeply in love with, with whom I am happy and we’ve been together for more than 4 years now.
    In the past year, though, a guy who was just an acquaintance began to be closer (keep in mind he is from my city but lives in another one, where he studies and works and rarely comes back).
    So, after almost one year of chatting and becoming like best “pen” friends, telling everything to each other, he told me he is strongly attracted to me, and that he would like me to be his girlfriend. At a fist instance, as he was having issues with TWO of his ex-girlfriends, I just stopped him though -I admit- I have the same feelings for him (problem is: is it lust? Is it just a temporary crush? I don’t know, I keep loving my boyfriend so much in the meanwhile, when this thought crosses my mind I feel miserable and a monster).
    So, recently, he went to the US for a project and he found a really nice and beautiful girl and I think they are a perfect couple and I also think she deserves the best.
    Now, I was sure that him finding a girlfriend would have meant -to me- a relief, and that I would have been happy for that.
    Truth is, I suffer when I see their pics together, I hate him when he tells me he wants to stay with me despite her, I blocked him on facebbok not to see all the sweethearts pictures and loving phrases they share to each other.
    I am hating myself for being so selfish and I happen not to find a solution. When I just try to forget him, not hearing from him, he pops up out of the blue, telling me again it should’t be my boyfriend to stay with me, but him.
    Why am I so confused? Why can’t I just tell him to stop for good? I asked him to, but it’s like he already knows me so well…I regeret having told him so much about me, but in the meanwhile I feel a great chemistry between us…
    Sorry for the long post, but this is hurting me so badly I really can’t do anything but thinking about this horrible situation :'(

    • Lumu Farouk June 10, 2015, 2:25 pm

      Cece think if u really loved your boyfriend this guy wouldnt cross ur mindbthe truth is that u love this new guy but remember tough decisions are best hea n dpnt follow ur instincts not at all

    • Melika June 12, 2015, 2:18 am

      Hey Cece,
      I may know how u feeling and it’s really hard. I know. The thing is you’re not the selfish one here! HE is the selfish one. He’s abusing the friendly talks that you have had and now he knows too much about you! No need to feel like a monster, the solution is easy. It’s completely normal to feel bad by seeing their photos and getting confused that he’s getting along well with her but keeps telling me that he’s attracted to me! He’s the selfish one and is ruining your relationship with your BF and maybe part of your life. So try to keep distance between you and him and whenever he starts talking about these stuff remind yourself that he’s happy with her, and he’s selfish, if he really loved me he would never mentioned that when knew that I was in a relationship. So try to get your mind off of it and start distracting yourself by doing things you love. At first maybe u won’t realize any change but one day you’ll wake up in the morning and understand you haven’t thought of him for such long time. changes happen gradually.
      A tip for future: NEVER TRUST ANYONE THAT MUCH TO TELL THEM ALL YOUR PRIVATE THINGS AND SECRETS! there are a few in the whole world who u can trust them. and don’t let anyone to come through your mind with their dirty fits.
      Good luck

    • sarah C July 20, 2015, 12:48 pm

      hi, im in a worse condition. the guy with whom im in love for past 5 years, he loves me to the core. but some how i got a huge love for a guy who was my frnd on fb. even he had an enormous love on me from past one and half years. but now he fell in love wit another girl, until i got to know about his new love he pretended to me dat he loves me more and dying everyday wit my thoughts. one day i told him dat lets be frnds bcos i couldn’t see him dying wit my thoughts, i always cared for him and loved him each and every second but within 1 month of me telling dat we will be frnds he fell into love wit another girl. now he tells dat he totally hates me and i dont have any rights on him anymore. but he wishes to speak wit me jus like a stranger. it hurts me alot. each and every second i have prayed for his goodness. but Now he just thrown me away. i feel like dying. im happy that he s got a good life, but while thinking dat how could he jus hate me in just one month, it really hurts alot. i dont know wat to do. and i don’t feel like giving him up since i loved him alot. but his thoughts are ruining me within. in fact i haven’t met him even once. but i know even he s a good guy. but wat s the use. for some time i try forgetting him. but i fail each time. pls someone help me out. im not able to share this to anyone. im dying within myself each and every second. oh god. wat will i do. pls help me. :'(

  • Takara May 18, 2015, 7:00 pm

    My situation is i love this girl and she love me to but she got a boyfriend… I fell in love with her thinking i could manage to get her to be mines and leave her man but of course that didn’t work…. She broke my heart and hurt me i cried until she came back… I dont want her to leave but i dont want to hurt anymore either idk what to do

    • Nora June 21, 2015, 6:46 am

      My situation is same you. I found the guy who is very similar to me. We’re the same style so we’re feel good and love with each other but we can’t continue our relation because he already got girlfriend which related for last 10 years. He said it’s very hard to broke up because their parents’ve already known each other. I understand him and i’m not happy too if i’m the
      reason to make them broke up. His girlfriend is not wrong. So i think it would be better if we try to keep the relation to be the friend only. The best way we shouldn’t contact each other in this time. Further that i will try to open my mind to look for the new one i can love. I believe in destiny. Maybe he isn’t right for me. In the other way, if he right, there will be something change and we can love perfectly in the future. Let’s it be. :)

  • itsmeonlyme May 20, 2015, 1:32 pm

    I am so envy who those who have a crush. coz who I love is my ex. Omg that feeling so suck. Please dont go away, no one’s ever stuck with me for so long before. I feel so bad, it hurts it hurts so bad. But I cant tell anyone or him either, coz I dont want them to feel sad. I want to move on. I wanna forget all about it. I’m trying to be in love with someone else but that’s just wrong! It’s wrong! Who I love is him I cant cheat myself. It shouldnt be like this. But, urghh so many buts. I cant upset him for saying I still love him, but I do. Owhh it’s a complicated emotion and I dont want to bear it but I cant. I’m stuck. I’m so sad, so sad. No one knows.We had promises, you promised me and you never grant it! I hate you I love you Ben you just hurt me so much.

  • shilpa May 21, 2015, 7:55 pm

    Please read & reply…When I was 13 a new student was introduced in my class . That time I was a very childish type of girl and I hated boys because I was very pretty and I didn’t wanted there attention at all ..But that new student was different ..He didn’t looked at me like other guys did (from top to bottom) and but I don’t know why I was not happy about it? He sometimes used to stare at me(my face) and I used to give him death glares but he gave me smiles instead of turning his head! This used happen frequently in the beginning…and I started to like him but I never wanted to bcuz I hated such feelings…so I became very rude to him and we sometimes bickered …I tied him a rakhi which means making him as my brother in order to destroy the feelings I was growing for him…BT when he agreed to get a rakhi tied by me …I was really hurt BT I tied it anyway…he gave me a pen as rakhi gift which I have with me till now …now I am 19…Next year when I was 14 our sections were changed BT I still get to see him because of extra curricular activities…he became rude to me by then..and I still had those feelings for him..that year he rejected to get rakhi from me …When I turned 15 I hoped to be in d same section as him BT he was gone…His dad was transferred to delhi …so he was not in my city or even state…I have not seen him for 5-6 years…I sent him a frnd request 3 years ago which he accepted quickly BT we never liked or commented on each others post…we have only chated once …Now I know I love him to death..BT I don’t think he returns my feelings.I think this is hopeless one sided love BT I have never confessed or even given him any hint that I liked/loved him ever.I can never get over him I did whatever I can..now I am not that pretty as I wear specs nowc .I don’t know wat to do…if I”ll ever get to see him?Many boys entered my life and liked me whom I used to adore but I adored them only because they in someway reminded me of him…Now I am a totally shy type of girl and I cannot even look in any boy’s eyes because all of them can see that I am in love and they eventually fall in love with me…I don’t want to hurt them bcuz now I realizechow much it pains and I never want any1 to fall in love wid me bcuz I have realized thaT I can never return their feelings and will leave them anyday for him…

    • Lumu Farouk June 10, 2015, 2:35 pm

      This is sad bcoz it happens more so to men that waste thier time loving girl they can never have but fpr your case u have a future but u gatta work for it get his contact call him tell him u miss him so bad ge maight be playing hard to get as u did it wen u were 13 4 real me i c a future though a litle blurred but u can mek it clear

  • Dean May 26, 2015, 5:06 am

    I met her at a party just after she split with her long term boyfriend who abused her and now we’ve beem seeing eachother for 3Months.I love her so much and she told me she is not looking for another relationship but still wants to see me and I don’t know how to feel about that I mean I know its not healthy for me to be in love with someone I can’t have anything serious with, but on the other hand I am getting more happiness from seeing her non seriously then not seeing her at all.I guess what I’m asking is should I stop seeing her before I get seriously hurt or can I fall out of love with her and have a non-serious relationship.

  • Amber May 28, 2015, 12:06 am

    I am a 13 year old normal teenager and i really like this normal 18 year old, he doesn’t drink or drive and we get on really well. i met him when i first started playing cricket and we now meet up mostly every weekend when we play cricket and we stay after. i need too stop liking him could you leave advice below, i will be very grateful

  • dallas May 28, 2015, 3:48 am

    I’m deeply in love with my friends mom. I think about her all the time, like when I go to sleep and the first thing when I wake up. Coming home from work to see her is the best part of my day, but also the worst because I can’t tell her how I feel. It has to be at least somewhat obvious to her. I feel kinda clingy but it doesn’t seem to bother her. All I want is to make her happy. I would do anything in my power to make her life better. I love her so much and have no idea how to cope with my feelings. I want to tell her that I love her badly but I can’t. One reason is because of fear of rejection and the other is I don’t want to lose her as a friend or make her son mad at me. I LOVE HER.

    • Lumu Farouk June 10, 2015, 2:42 pm

      My friend loving is fine cause it is an idependent feeling but with tym it can be clastered well in my opnion loving u friends has mum is just wrong logically n socially it would be best u take tym with out seeing her go to a club n try to have fun try medidating about love u ll c postivity

  • britney May 29, 2015, 4:51 am

    i need help im in love with someone i can never have but every day i fall more in love with him i cant help my self what do i do?

  • Amber Navarre May 29, 2015, 6:22 am

    I am deeply in love with this guy I been knowing for 6 years. The thing is I know him but I don’t know if he knows me. Princeton I love this guy so much. I been holding it back for so long I don’t think I can do it any longer than that. Usually when it comes to relationships you think men would be the ones to start it first. Well if you really care about someone you will let them know I’m sure. I need some help bringing him to me. So if this gets out in the world that’s a good thing. I have never done this before. I can’t see myself being with someone else other then this guy. I really care about him. I would be doing all of this if I didn’t care. I’m sure he know who he is. Princeton is his stage name. Other then that I think I have said what I need to say. I’m ready when you ready baby.

  • Sarah May 29, 2015, 6:24 pm

    Hi I have recently met up with a guy that I used to date in my teenage years. When we first set eyes on each other it was like love at first site for me. We have not seen each other in many years and I started to get butterflies when we spoke. We met up again couple days later we decided to meet up again, at this point I was nervous but kept my cool. He came to my house to pick me up and we decided to go for a drink and talk. It was a really nice evening we laughed and told each other what we had been through in each of our lives it was really nice. It came to an end and he dropped me home we gave each other a hug which felt so good and went in to my house. The whole evening I had butterflies I think I am falling for this guy all over again and I dont know what to do as he is in a relationship, he has mentioned that he still has deep feelings for me but he is in a relationship. I really dont know what to do or even how to feel what should I do.

  • Neil June 7, 2015, 5:10 pm


    i am in love with a guy who is 19 years less. He is in love with me… the problem is that i am married, with 2 children…and his parents will never accept this situation…shit.

  • Lomi June 14, 2015, 12:02 am

    I’ve had a chrush on this girl since the moment I layed eyes on her one day at work. Over the years of working together and hanging out, we’ve become close friends, and I knew she’d been in a committed relationship for a few years.
    My simple crush slowly grew into a deep love for her, and even as a write this my heart aches to be with her.

    A few weeks ago, after a party, we ended up cuddling on my couch and talking about nothing, really.
    (This wasn’t particularly unusual- she’s a cuddle-bug sort of person.)
    When her cab arrived, we sat up, and she kissed me goodbye.
    I kissed her back but she didn’t pull away… and it became increasingly passionate.
    Our breathing became heavy.
    Soft little moans were exchanged.
    I think about it all the time…
    After we finished, she made a hasty exit out of the house, and didn’t even say goodbye. In fact, she uttered the “F” word, and ran to the cab.
    Since then things have been different between us, and the texts have stopped…. the pleasantries at work have slowed to a trickle… and whenever we do manage to see eachother she keeps her distance.
    I’m madly in love with her and the prospect of losing her is too much to bear. What’s worse, I can’t tell anyone about it, since not only did I swear an oath of silence to her, every other guy I know has a huge crush on her too, so I worry they’d sabotage any slim chance I may have with her altogether.

    I just wish I never met her…this is too much.

  • sato dion June 15, 2015, 1:34 am

    Am in love with a guy who I know I can’t have no mater what cause my friend is in love with him and he too is in love with her but I pretend a lot when I see him and both of us play a lot and the worst part of it all is that we are working in the same office. Am tired of it whole feeling thing and I can’t bring myself to tell him I love him… Please what can I do? Any advice plz inbox me

  • Mr lonely guy June 16, 2015, 6:08 am

    There is this girl that came into my class about 6 months ago at first I didn’t even know she was there all I heard was her name over and over again either by my friends or my teachers and I began to search for her to see who this person was it took me a week to see her face at first I heard her voice she had this sweet ascent and I asked myself who she is there were many people in my way so I didn’t see her face class was over I went home and I kept hearing her voice over and over again and was hoping to see her face I went back to school next morning i went past this girl I have never seen before I think it was love at first sight I was steering at her like a moron and I got this guilt feeling when the voice I heard that day came to my mind I think I was in love with both of them that’s when I went to class I heard that voice again I was looking for was talking when I saw her she was the one I saw in the morning I was happy more than I ever have been I couldn’t think of anything for the next three days when I tried to get closer to her by sitting closer to her so that she notices me I kept looking at her some times while she is not looking she cought me sometimes I think it was then she noticed me I saw her looking over at me mAny times I was happy more than words I tried to approach her but I failed every time I was hating myself for so long btw she approached me first but I was to shy to look at her I just said hello I wanted to die so much I think she though I didn’t care omg that feeling was the worst even though I love her so much why why anyway moving on she approached me a couple of times and I did the same thing and was mad the time we had was so short I was killing myself to tell her how I feel but I couldn’t do it because of the though of losing her and that she might not like me even though I felt like she did like me now we had one week left I wanted to tell her how I feel before we leave for college every single time I tired to approach her she was never there and I missed my chance so now we have two days left we were at prom she was so great that no word could describe her I was feeling down as she was alone at the time and when I tried to go over her friends came and they were taking pics and stuff the evening as almost over I was about lose my mind I told my self that I would tell her that night so I waited outside the gate do or school for her she never came out I was worried I went inside and asked a teacher she went through the other way I was pissed at my self and relived that nothing happened to her I told my self I would tell her at the last day of school but I looked and looked but she wasn’t there I asked a teacher if she was here and he said she was I found out she was also looking for based on her friends chat with me but we missed eachother all day long school was over teachers told us to go home everyone went home I kept looking and didn’t find her now I have no idea where I can contact her or where she lives and I am not sure if we will go to the same college at all I can only believe in fate as to meet her again and I promise that if I see her ever again I won’t hold back how i feel I won’t hide behind my excuses any longer I will tell her how much I love her and that will love and cherish her if she ever likes me back well that’s my story pls tell me if I am an moron or I am a dushbag sorry for the long post

    • Ted June 16, 2015, 6:10 am

      Wow that’s sad bro I hope it works out keep fighting

    • Al August 9, 2015, 12:31 pm

      Hey bud, don’t worry. I’m sure you know her name by now, check out if she has facebook, or if you can get her number or any form of contact. At the point that you two are graduating, you honestly have nothing to lose. Don’t give up. If you try hard enough, nothing can stop you. You can do it!

  • juliet June 24, 2015, 5:47 pm

    Hi l fell for a married Turkish man he is good looking and has love lovely brown eyes. I knew him for three years and took him out twice for a meal
    He wanted sex but I didn’t and he left my house and i was upset for over two weeks. He rang me and when I head his voice I cried. I didn’t want to go and see him at be cafe I went and saw his son I had butterflies in my stomach then i went back as a customer as its easier he said lets start again I said ok but when i see this Turkish man I don’t know what to say any more. He asked my brother where was I this week he said I was busy is it ok to want him back now or should I forget him

  • Da July 5, 2015, 1:08 pm

    I fell in l♥ve with this girl and she is already taken but she enj♥ys it when we text and when i am ar♥und. She did n♥t tell me ab♥ut her partner until recently when i heard s♥me♥ne menti♥n and i asked her, that is when t♥ld me, we talk ab♥ut anything, ♥ur th♥ughts are always the same, when we talk ab♥ut future plans, she sees me ar♥und. I have n♥t t♥ld her h♥w i feel because she in a relati♥nship but she kn♥ws h♥w i feel and i d♥ n♥t think she is in a g♥♥d relati♥nship. I can see that she l♥ves me but she tries t♥ hide it (I never felt this way f♥r any♥ne) and it causing me deep pr♥blems kn♥wing that she is n♥t mine

  • Jennifer July 7, 2015, 12:44 am

    There is this boy that I’ve been working with, that I really like, he’s a little bit older but every time I talk to him, he just makes me smile. He’s in a relationship, and I know it’s bad to have a crush on him still, but I can’t get over him. I’ve literally googled everything possible to try and help me cope, I’ve taken days off work so I can take my mind off him, but it’s no use. When I don’t see him, I can’t stop thinking about him, and his jokes, the way he laughs and the things he laughs at. He’s a great guy, but I don’t want to feel like this when he’s already taken. Is there anyone out there who’s been in this situation? I’ve never had a boyfriend, or kissed a guy, I’m 18, and have never felt this way towards anyone before! Please help!

  • Bluesky's July 8, 2015, 4:50 pm

    Okay there is this girl, her name is Rachel.
    I never had anyone like her before. I met her in year 7. We were great friends. She always seemed to look forward to seeing me, she’d greet me, give me hugs, say she loved me and missed me, she always looked my way, I couldn’t tell if she was worried, checking on me or day dreaming at that time.

    But she always looked forward to seeing me, she’d go through her friends to get to me,to give me big hugs and that, and ask how I was and that.

    She was popular, so I couldn’t buddy up with her, as it was hard. So I was left alone. She invited me to sit with her, but her friends weren’t that friendly.

    I’d message her when I got home and she’d message me.
    I couldn’t tell it was a friend thing., but over time I got to likely her more and more

    As we got into year 10. We both struggled, she got tough issues and so did I, I left school. She stayed and she stopped talking to me, at that time I wanted to tell her that I liked her, but she was under a lot of pressure, so I lost contact with her and still has.

    It’s been 2 years now, since I last saw her…

    Now everyday is a struggle. New place, new friends, new people I like. But I can’t get her of mind. I tell myself to move on, but it’s like my heart has made its choice. Everyday I miss her, when I dream, I dream off her.

    I just feel really stuck. My parents tell me to move on, and some of my friends who know her. But some are saying go with what your heart, or gut says.

    What do I do?

    I’d die for this girl, and everything reminds me of her, places, memories, thoughts, messages, her name even.

    I need help!!!

  • Anonymous July 8, 2015, 6:19 pm

    I hated the feeling; I met someone who I feel head over heels in love with last year. We are different ages and from different cultures but we liked each other. It was the most wonderful thing to look deep into each others eyes. I think we both wanted to make friends.

    The problem was that we are from different religions. I did not care for myself but even a friendship between us would had been impossible. Our conversations could not even take place in public and it was never going to be. I felt so happy that someone even cared to speak to me and show an interest.

    But for us to be friends could have put her safety at risk in a culture where women are not allowed to have male friends outside of family or marriage. Caring so deeply for her I wanted her safety and wellbeing. I wanted the best for her and for her to be happy. I did not want her to come to any harm.

    A year on I still think of her everyday; I still think of her with love.

    When I realised that I must let her go I cried so hard for her. I had not felt like this for a woman in a long time. I felt very sad to have to let her go.

    I will likely never see her again.

    I always think of her and smile and always wish her well.

  • BlueSkys July 11, 2015, 1:38 pm

    Okay so there is girl, her name is Rachel
    I met her in year 7. At first I assumed we were just friends and that, but as the years progressed, my feelings grew more towards her. I didn’t know if she liked me back, but oh man, I knew I was lost in love with her.

    We became friends.
    Every time day, I was so excited to see her. It was mainly the only reason why I wanted to go ti school. Year 8, every day she was so happy to see me, if I got there early, id wait for her to arrive, and give her a hug greeting and ask how she is and everything.
    When see was there early, she’d race through her friends and give me the biggest hug, that would push you over, she’d wrap her arms around you, with a smile on her face. She was very popular, so I rarely saw her, but when I did, she always tried to get through her friends to get to me. On days we were at our locker, she’d stare my way, I couldn’t tell wether she was sad, cause feel my pain( cause normally then I was down) or day dreaming.

    She offered me to sit with her on the bus, but due to her friends. I refused, and she nether asked me again. In sport she was always taken, you could nether get her. Her best friends would always. But she’d always come to see you and sit next you. When her friends were away.
    When I was down, I remember her going to get a drink, I was watching everyone playing, and then lying down to look at the clouds. She went under the hand rails and walked towards me, she sat down and talked to me, then she gave me a hug, which was so comforting. Another one happened in year 9. But that one was the best, it was long, and comforting. I just felt cared for in that one.

    We’d always talk in the afternoon, mainly me talking more, cause I was so desperate to talk to her. But on days when I didn’t, I always got a surprise text from her, as she messaged me.

    But things turned to the worst in year 10. As I got issues and she got issues.
    I lost communication with her, then she told me that “she can’t deal with it at the moment”

    It’s been three years now, everyday I’m trying my best to move on.
    But it’s hard trying to fall in love again, my thoughts always come back to her.
    I feel I’ve lost her, and I can’t live without her. My family and friends tell me to move on.
    But my heart is just hanging. I can’t seem to budge it.

    I’ve talked about it to so many people, all they say is move on.
    I really love her…
    What do I do…
    She also had a guy now, named Sam.

  • Tiffany July 14, 2015, 6:53 am

    My story is a little different. I am in love with a married man that doesn’t know and that I will never tell him how I feel, because I respect a person marriage. But I can’t help but fantasize about him, wanting a life with him. He works at my job and our chemistry is out of this world. I don’t know what to do cause if I was giving the chance I probably wouldn’t even think twice. This has turned into a infatuation and I just want to know what I can do to stop it. By the way this has been going on for about 4yrs now. Even when I was married which I just became separated for about 9 months now smh. I feel so ashamed, but I can’t help how I feel.

  • Anonymous July 14, 2015, 12:38 pm

    I once met a girl online. She had the most amazing personality. I was in New York and she was in Colorado. She pursued me, we started talking, and there and then we fell head over heals for each other. But then she revealed herself more. She had a kid from a previous marriage. She was a bisexual. She had tattoos all over her body. Her only source of drink was beer. Yet none of that mattered to me. I was in love. But here’s why I mentioned all of those things about her, though it might seem normal to most of you. The only thing that stopped me from moving deeper into forming a relationship with her, was the fact that I’m a Muslim. Although, we can marry Catholics and Jews, but I wasn’t sure about her tattoos and drinking habit. And my family would never had approved of her. I had to stop before it was too late, as I didn’t want to break her heart if I had backed out if things got too serious. I am still in love with her and it hurts like hell. I had to stop all sorts of contact with her.

    But I believe in destiny. If something is meant to be, it’ll happen in the right time, with the right person, and for the best reason.

  • ravi July 15, 2015, 2:23 am

    hi ruchi mam. …
    There is a girl. ..l know her since childhood. …she was my neighbour too and 5 years younger than me. everything was normal just like neighbours. then I went for higher studies and there was a distance between us. We didn’t have any sort of contact. After 2…3. ..years once I visited her home just for casual meet with her parents then she took my contact. then she started chatting. previously it was normal but as the day passed away she started find love in me. One day she proposed me. ..I got surprised. ..then I laughed and replied …hey why are you joking. ..but from that very day she started taking my care. .she even knows my daily routine better than me. .she even so many past memories where she had noticed me. She also cried for me. ..in the meantime she told me I don’t have any boyfriend. .even I don’t find any feeling for any body except you. …this continued till 4 months and in between she even told me I love you more than 100 times. …then I also started thinking that. ..she may be the right choice for me. .I’m frankly speaking. ..before this girl. .I had never ever talked to any girl or I was having no any feeling for any girl. ..but when I found her. ..I also started feeling for her. …then one day I accepted her proposal. ..but after one week I found …she started neglecting me. ..she was not taking interest in reading my messages. ..she had lots of excuses. …but from my side. ..my love was pure. …It happened for 2 months. …then one day I asked her. …what happened. …After so many quarrel. …she told everything. …actually she had a boyfriend. ….she lost her due to some misunderstanding. …then she was depressed. ..then I came in her life. …then she committed. ..It was just a mistake. ..I don’t love you. ..It was just an attachment. …nothing more. …
    I got very much pained. …my feelings are totally pure and real for her. ..she is the first girl in my life. …I can’t love another girl. ..I’m very much tensed. …I can’t just move on by forgetting her. ..I tried so many times to forget. .but I failed …..plez suggest me some useful tips. ..what should I do. …is there any chance to go with her.
    right now she don’t want to talk to me. …actually she is a kind of girl who daily fall in love just by seeing a handsome guy. ..but as per I know. ..she is very good girl. ..These are just a teenager issues. ..whenever she call me. ..she always stared talking about some other guys which also pained me a lot. ..plez help

  • Heidi July 20, 2015, 12:28 am

    when I say loving someone I can’t have, I mean, we are deeply in love, but he is married. Hates his wife, but has children he doesn’t want to leave. We have been together for 11 months now, I do not see other people, nor does he. We live In a very small town, so if I am going to the grocery store, I let him know so me and my aon don’t run into him and his wife. He mows my yard, paints my house, changes the oil in my car, takes my son to baseball practices, stays nights with me, but still isn’t mine forever. I never thought I would be that woman.. Ever.. But I am.. How do I get out??

  • Maria July 24, 2015, 2:39 am

    Hi ruchi, so lately I’ve been very confused about many things and I can’t believe I kept this feeling buried deep for so long. There is this guy(who I will call Roy ) who I have known for four years already and he is 3 years older than me. So when I met him I felt something like if a switch in me was suddenly turned on and I grew attached to him. I would wish countless times for him to go to where I was going or be at the parties that I was attending. Unfortunately at that time he had a girlfriend but I didn’t feel like it was a big deal because I thought i felt that way. During the course of those 4 years I guess I started searching for another boy to give me the same feeling I got that roy gave me when he was around but I never knew that that was what I was doing until a close friend of mine pointed it out. So one day I was talking to my friend about how I just can’t seem to find love and then she said to me that I had already found love but I was just trying to find something to mimic it. I asked her what she meant and she told me that it was obvious that I liked Roy but that he didn’t notice it and that I never wanted to admit it because he already had a girlfriend( and he still does ). Now I do not know what to do. I don’t want to tell him that I like him because he has a girlfriend and I don’t want to get in between but I also don’t want to keep acting like I just want to be friends. I can’t hold these feelings in after four years and all I do now is avoid him because I don’t want my feelings to come out. It would be great if I got some of your advice or anyone’s advice. Thank you.

    • Ruchi August 18, 2015, 11:17 pm

      Hey Maria,
      It’s good that you decided to move on because he is already in a relationship. Now you need to stop comparing other guys with him because it’s not possible to get anyone exactly like him. Think about your priorities and then decide what kind of guy you want. If possible stay away from him and make new friends and keep yourself busy.

  • Aimi July 24, 2015, 6:51 am

    I wonder what I should do about my problem. You see I fell in love with this really attractive guy but we never were able to get close in “those” ways. And I ended up loving him so much that it hurt to see him. I told myself to forget him and found this other really cute guy but I can’t erase my former love at all. So whenever I see him I just feel like hating him. I don’t want to but it hurts so much knowing I can’t ever be with him ever. Why is life so unfair. :(

  • priya July 25, 2015, 6:46 pm

    hey….im confused here!!please help me….i love one boy..he z in my same class….we became frndz…and falling in love was so accidental….we where like perfects couples….it went upto 6mnths…everything was so smooth…but there after he said his parents wont allow him to marry me.since we both where from the different caste.so we tried to maintained distance.by this time ,another girl ,who is so called to be his friend started to spend her time with him.and the whole class was like there are in love.Actually no one else knew about our relation.Then it was like we both did not mind each other.But still my eyes were over him the whole time.After 5 months he messaged me saying he need me back as his friend n ol.Now we talk,but i never lost my feelings for him nor he (i guess so).I donno what to do now….whether should i talk or not??to be wid him or not??

  • It's been almost 2 years gahh July 30, 2015, 4:16 am

    From 4th grade I started having crushes on boys. In total, I’ve had 4. They never lasted very long, the max was 4 months and that was in 6th grade. 7th grade came along and I wanted it to be a peaceful year with no boys and no troubles. This boy in my class changed everything. We were sorta kinda friends for the first month of school but then I realized I had a crush on him. Me being my typical introverted, shy self, I distanced myself from him. Dumb mistake. But he still tried talking to me. After like 2 months I was no longer in denial about my feelings and actually acknowledged it to myself which was very difficult and still is to this very day. I don’t know what it was but I couldn’t get him out of my head. It became 6 months, 7 months, then 8. I realized that this wasn’t normal for me because the max has been 4 months but that was off and on. We did become friends throughout the year but when he was around his friends, I distanced myself because I was shy and got picked on easily. When there was no one around, we had inside jokes, laughs here and there, and deep conversations. As the days went by, my feelings for him got stronger somehow and me being a 12 year old didn’t know what to do. The two of us are completely different but in some way we understand each other very much. I’m quiet and shy and focused more on schoolwork compared to him. He’s popular and plays a lot of sports but he’s actually not the typical jock you would normally have at school or in movies, and I learned that by getting to know him. He was different. Down to earth, kindhearted, caring, understanding, and so many more great things. Near the end of the year I shut everyone out of my life because I found out my mom had cancer. Everyday he would comfort me and would sit beside me without even knowing why I was upset, but he was there for me. Right before school ended he asked me out but I turned him down because a few of his friends were walking past us and I freaked and I tried explaining to him that I didn’t mean to say “no” but I never got the courage to actually say it to him. He looked so hurt and seemed to be holding back tears.
    I moved to another school for 8th grade and my feelings only got stronger somehow although I haven’t seen him in well now a year. My best friend who had classes with him would tell me how she mentions my name every so often around him and his face freezes and he has this hurt look on his face. Now here I am the summer before 9th grade, crying my heart out because he has a girlfriend he’s been with for 3 months now. I know I’m young. I’ve never believed in loving someone at a young age but that was before I met him. I love him and I don’t know what to do because once again we’re going to different schools and I haven’t seen him in a really long time. I know for a fact that when I get rejected by a crush, I would never cry about it, I simply get over it within a day because it’s not serious. But there’s something there in my heart for this boy. It hurts to know that he may never be mine and there’s a good chance I won’t be able to see him again even though we don’t live that far from one another. I’m sorry this is long, but I have to get this off my chest. :((

  • Al August 9, 2015, 12:27 pm

    I’m in a long distance relationship with someone who I thought was the girl of my dreams. We’ve been together for almost half a year, but we’ve been friends for over 3 years now. However, there was this one girl who I liked for the longest time, before I got into a relationship with my current girlfriend. Last night, I had dinner with the girl I liked and a few other guys and another girl, and it was the best time I’ve had this entire year. The way she acts, talks, looks, everything is so perfect and we click so easily. I’m usually a shy guy, but in front of her, I’m totally myself even though that was the first time we ever hung out. Also, the reason I had dinner with her was because I had a position at my church, and she and a few others were taking our place, so it was tradition to have dinner with them. She’s extremely smart to the point where she may be either going to Northwestern or another top college. I go to the latter college, but I know if she does come, we most definitely will have something click. I don’t know what to do because if she does go to Northwestern, that will be too far for me and I’m not sure what would happen to us. My current girlfriend lives only 2.5 hours away, so it’s not too bad. What do I do?? Please help :/

  • pradeep August 12, 2015, 10:01 pm

    Hey I loved a girl named jigna she never was interested in me I was in love with her for 10 years and she also stopped talking to me while I was in 10th std when I go to talk her she runs from me, can u tell me what to do??????

  • Molly August 15, 2015, 11:27 am

    Hi there,
    I have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle. I have been in love with this guy for 4 years. I have told him multiple times and it’s hard cause he likes another girl. Something happened between us not that long ago. I went over his house to check up on him and we ended up hugging, kissing and just talking for an hour and a half. He is trying to get over her and I just really want a chance even though he has said that i might not get one. I wish things weren’t this complicated.
    Please help!!

  • marley August 19, 2015, 4:31 pm

    Hi iv been seeing this girl for a few months n she stops at mine every night we do every thing together tho she was hurt by her ex n says she doesn’t want to get hurt like that again every one can see we care so much about each other tho she just says were friends to people tho friends don’t sleep over every night

  • Mary August 20, 2015, 1:37 pm

    omg i know how horrible this feeling is.i am actually going thru something right now and i dont know what to do.please dont judge me,i know i ve been wrong but it just happened.i ve been happily married for some time and i met someone 12 years younger than me through an online video game..and i never thought this wld happen to me but i actually fell for him and he fell for me..i love my husband but this is different.i felt like a teenager again.all these feelings when u feel when u r young and u want someone soo much,u know?this excitement and longing..but i knew it was doomed from the beginning cause its not like i want to leave my husband plus he lives in different country…but we were chatting every day for 3 months now and we used to share so many feelings…and we always used to say goodbye coz this is pointless and then we wld msg again but…yesterday he told me that we need to forget each other so we can move on..i know he is right..i know… but..how do i make this ugly feeling go away?i keep thinking about him and everything reminds me of him..even the stupid game i play reminds me of him..it seems like i feel unhappy even tho i know nothing cld never happen..i thing hardest part is having all the memories…i wish i cld just wake up with amnesia..is anybody else in a similar situation?i feel so lonely..thx for listening :(

  • Chris August 20, 2015, 9:16 pm

    Hi Ruchi,

    This is Chris. I have started liking my best friend we work in same office and i met her in the office itself but the thing is i can’t reveal my feelings to her as i have tried someways from which i have found that she only likes me as a friend so even if i reveal my feelings its not possible for me to have her. I really like her a lot and see as her my life partner i really feel i cant get a person like her. But when i see reality its like she don’t see me in that way. Now the problem is i can’t stop talking to her and really i don’t want to coz i cannot afford to stopping talking such a wonderful friend of mine. I really feel jealous when she talks to someone else i know this is insecurity and which is wrong i should be happy if she is happy talking to some one else. What should i do want to continue as her best friend but want to get rid of jealousy and secondly what should i do as i know i cant have her as my life partner ?
    Please help

  • Sam August 25, 2015, 10:58 pm

    I like a girl in my office who is my friend but i have feelings for her and she doesn’t feel the same for me she only considers me friend There is another guy who is also her good friend who is also good friend of her they are mostly together for breaks seeing this i really feel jealous and get feeling of depression I want to remain friends with her but want to get rid of jealousy. Please help

  • Guru February 18, 2015, 12:29 am

    I’m Guru.
    I love a girl and we are friends since past 4 years.
    I expressed my feelings to her, but she rejected me.
    She even didn’t look at me or talk to me.
    I really love her very much.
    Since past couple of days, due to her family problems she was crying and i approached to her. She then talked to me and also began to share her sorrows with me. What do i do now as i really her. Please suggest

  • Guru February 18, 2015, 12:30 am

    I love a girl and we are friends since past 4 years.
    I expressed my feelings to her, but she rejected me.
    She even didn’t look at me or talk to me.
    I really love her very much.pm
    Since past couple of days, due to her family problems she was crying and i approached to her. She then talked to me and also began to share her sorrows with me. What do i do now as i really her. Please suggest


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