What Are The Best Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend ?

As they say, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, you know how can you reach a women’s heart, you can reach there by making her feel special. And if you have to make her feel special, what could be a better way than giving her surprises!

Surprise your Girlfriend

Best ways to surprise your girlfriend

If you are reading this post, it surely means that you like her a lot and are hell bound on impressing her. All the best with that! And to help you, I have written a few basic tips that are surely going to help you out and are bound to help you sweep her off her feet.

1. The thing she was longing for yet couldn’t buy for herself:

Remember that pair of diamond earrings that she glances at longer than normal at that jewellery store whenever you happen to pass from there? And she is not buying them because they are insanely expensive and being so prudent, she wouldn’t want to spend her hard earned money on them. We girls are like that! Buy her those earrings and surprise her tonight! I am sure she is going to love you to bits after that.

I hope you get the hint. There is always a special something that we girls love but don’t buy, even when it’s absolutely under our reach because we are prudent when it comes to money matter. So just start working to find out what is it that your girl loves but is not buying for herself and gift it to her!

 2. The tiny things that matter:

Since the above-mentioned tip is expensive and might weigh down your pocket, and chances could be that your girl really doesn’t wish for anything (which is 100% impossible though but if in any case, she ain’t human!) you can do a million little things that would make her feel wanted and loved. You can decorate her room with her favourite flowers before she wakes up, so that she wakes up to a surprise! If you are the kind of guy who doesn’t want to do that much of efforts, you can do something as simple as keeping a bouquet of her favourite flowers beside her on her bed while she is sleeping, just see her smile when she wakes up and finds it next to her. Or you can paste a beautiful greeting card on the mirror of the bathroom addressed to her before she goes to freshen up. Or you can buy her favourite book. Or just paste a “Goodnight beautiful” somewhere where she can see it before she sleeps.

3. An unexpected holiday trip:

An unexpected holiday trip

I bet she is going to love it. Like a lot. Surprise her with an unexpected holiday trip to her favourite location. And she will take your name to her grave. If you have problems with that idea, try taking her to unexpected movie dates or dinners at her favourite restaurant. The idea is to give her a pleasant surprise which it surely would.

4) A reasonless shopping trip:

We don’t like anything as much as shopping. There have to be a reason books like ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic become an international bestseller. We all can relate to it! We can never love anything more than buying a pair of shoes, or that lovely dress. Trust me, to us, shopping is almost orgasmic. So take your girl for a shopping trip without reason. She will love you from the core of her heart.

5. A cute gesture: 

A cute gesture like playing the guitar just or us or even singing our favourite song unexpectedly or even playing it on your music system can make a girl go weak on her knees for you.

Taking a leave when we are sick, taking car ups of us when we are upset, such cute gestures are like the most pleasant surprises for us.

6. The more Bollywood like the better:

Shahrukh Khan - The more Bollywoodlike, the better

We might say that we are not romantic or we don’t like cheesy stuff but the truth is inside our hearts, we all girls are die-hard romantics. And we obsess about whatever Shahrukh Khan does for his heroines on screen. Be it, that rain dance without music in Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai or be it wooing Rani Mukherjee in Chalte- Chalte! We have grown up watching those Hollywood/Bollywood romances, and this is why we want our love stories too larger than life. Our surprises should also be larger than life. Our lives should also be larger than life.

So try doing all this. And see how she falls head over heels in love with you again. But yes, I would like to add here that all a girl wants are love and time. Obviously, she should be treated in the best manner possible; she deserves all that but all this would be of no use if you don’t love her if you don’t give her much time, if you don’t treat her well. Remember, always take each moment spent with her as a blessing. Make the most out of it. Make her feel special. Gift her with all your time and love. Trust me, no surprise can ever match up to that.

So are you all set to surprise her, kindly mention in the comments box about what you did to sweep your girl off her feet. I will be waiting for your comments!

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  • Pankaj Dhawan February 19, 2016, 3:37 am

    I think the best thing you can give to someone is your time. That is all! I can’t think of anything more precious than that.

  • Ravi sharma June 5, 2016, 10:34 am

    Hey shikha
    Thanks for posting this amazing article.The tips which you mentioned above for surprising Gf is really awesome.


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