What Are The Best Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend?

Boys might not show much feelings but surely they have them. They might not express intense happiness or intense sadness but that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel that. They also love being pampered, being loved, being cared about, being surprised.

Surprise your boyfriend

Guys may not say that on your face but there is a part in them- a very strong part in them- that just loves surprises. The part that just feels overwhelmed when they are surprised. They too are humans after all!

So here I’m listing a few tips that might come handy to you while thinking of a surprise for your boyfriend and may be that might just sweep him off his feet. (Who said that only a girl is meant to be swept off her feet?)

Heart Touching ways to surprise your Boyfriend

1) Add a personal touch:

No matter how you surprise your guy but whatever you do, make sure that you add your own touch to it. Make sure that each thing is personalized. That would make the guy feel more connected. Such as the coffee mug that has a picture of both of you or a key chain that he would use for his bike that has yours and his name engraved on it or that stupid love note you hid into his wallet or that cute morning SMS he woke up to. The surprise could be as simple as gifting your crazy batman fan boyfriend a CD collection of all batman movies and a Batman poster. The gift couldn’t have been simpler yet it is bound to touch the chords of his heart and play the music of love in them. So just get personalized.

2) Unexpectedly bring gifts that he loves:

Remember the brand of the watch he named while you guys were discussing watches, remember that smile that lights up his face whenever he talks about that certain gadget, Darling! You have the clue. I am sure you just know what he loves. So what could be better for him than waking up next to that swiss watch he had his eyes set upon since forever! Trust me, every time he sees that watch, he is going to think about you and your lovely surprise!

Just to help you more, I would want to tell you that no guy would wish for that huge pink teddy bear, nor do they like flowers, they don’t know where to put flowers and what to do with them, so think of a suitable gift as guys are big time gadget freaks. They just love gadgets. So try to buy a new phone or I pod or tablet or something like this. They are going to use it a lot plus they are going to love you a lot!

3) Go a bit down:

Love Making

Ok, so now this can be gross! I request all the readers below eighteen years of age to kindly shut their eyes and read the next point. Just skip this one. Ok, for all the mature readers I would like to suggest, go kinky for a guy, it’s not just the stomach that helps you enter a man’s heart, it’s something else to. Ok, so now it’s being gross! So I hope you got the hint, now go and find your favourite lace nightie and surprise him by giving him a night to remember!

4) Cook his favourite dessert:

You know as they say “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Trust me, this is absolutely accurate. I mean which man wouldn’t want to open the lid of the bowl and find his favourite dessert stuffed in it. It is priceless! So you know what you need to do? First make sure that you are sure about his favourite dish/ dessert and then run and grab your grandma’s old recipe book and get started.  Tickle his taste buds and satiate them to the maximum potential. He is going to keep you forever in his life.
Who wouldn’t want a girlfriend who is sweet enough to make his favourite sweet dish?

Though I really appreciate your efforts and feelings for him but I would also like to add here that gifts and surprises, inspite of showing your love to someone which is an absolute necessity in today’s world, are just superficial. In the end, it’s just love that matters. Nothing else matters.

So make sure that you love him to bits and give him that much of love that to live without that love becomes impossible for him. If you have to love, love passionately, else what’s the use?

In case, you have already surprised your boyfriend, kindly share your experiences in the comments section below and help others learn.

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