What Are The Best Things About Getting Married

If you are the kind who would run away even hearing the term like marriage? High five! You are one of the commitment phobics like me! I am sure now you are wondering that if I am that commitment phobic what am I trying to do writing this blog? I am a blogger and over thinking is an occupational hazard for me. I couldn’t help but do that! And with the recent strings of family weddings. I couldn’t help but think about all this and I have thought about it so much that I can come up with this blog. I could even write a full-fledged 70,000 words book about it. Plus, I want to recommend marriage to EVERYONE! Now this is the thing I feel very strongly about.

Married Couple

So here am I listing six wonderful things that marriage brings along with it.

Top 6 reasons to Get Married

1) You get to feel star like:

No! Before you start blaming me for being so materialistic. READ the whole point and understand what I am saying.  Inside each one of us, there is a crave for attention. Didn’t you too did that air kissing act in front of the mirror ever? Didn’t you think about being an actor even in your childhood at least once? We are humans! Obviously, we just bound to feel like that! And what could be a better way to live your dream. Imagine a place all lighted up and decorated, just for you. A thousand people with their eyes set on you adorably and you being the centre of attention! Isn’t it amazing? Plus, you also get to be dressed up better than anybody else, you get to look better than anybody else. You get to have more attention that night than any other night of your life. Sorry for being so vain, but I am a human too and this is how humans are designed to think like!

2) You can have somebody to share:

Happily married couple

Since in my previous point I have dwelled so much on the materialistic aspect, the emotional side of my heart is almost kicking me to come out and I have this important point to share. Share. You get it, by marrying someone you get a person to share your all, your happiness, your sorrows, your bright side, your dark side, your fear, your insecurities, your love . . .  your life! By sharing all this, you are bound to share lives! Isn’t it so beautiful to share a life with someone who is ready to understand all your flaws and yet love you from the core of his heart? Isn’t it beautiful to have a chest you can dig into? Isn’t it beautiful to have someone in your life whom you can love to bits? It is. It. Absolutely. Is. Period.

3) There are lesser chances of falling apart:

lesser chances of falling apart

Remember those college dating scenes? People hang around all the time. Have fights. Ego intervenes. None of them wants to be the first one to make up and the relationship ends. This case is absolutely minimal in the case of marriages, since at the end of the day, you have a home to come back to. And if both of you behave really immature, you have a family to make you understand that you are doing it wrong. There are lesser chances of falling apart once you have given the commitment. This ensures a major brownie point in the favor of marriage because we know how easily relationships fall apart these days.

4) You become a more mature person:

You  get to become more responsible. After marriage you just don’t grow in your age but also there is growth as a person. You know the value of relationships, the importance of responsibilities, the value of family and most importantly, the importance of love in your life! Marriage being a great teacher, teaches you all this and teaches you a lot more. A lot more than any book or any school can teach you. Just after a year of marriage see the beautiful change that has happened somewhere inside you.

5) A beautiful consistency touches your life:

Consistency: Believe it or not but we all need it at some point of our lives and marriage surely do bring it in. After marriage you get someone to dine with each day, someone to wake you up with a warm hug each morning, your favorite Irish coffee near your bedside each morning, a hand on your chest each night when you sleep. These were just a few beautiful things to list. Marriage surely brings a lot more beautiful consistencies in your life!

6) A beautiful way to spend lifetime together:

Live together

I don’t know about you but I have always fantasised about having someone to cuddle on to each night, have someone to kiss each morning, have someone’s shoulder to cry upon, having someone to fight with,  and most beautiful, having someone to grow old with and having someone to die in the arms of. And if a thing comes with so many beautiful things, how can someone be afraid of it? Marriage surely is the most beautiful thing of this whole world. I am no longer commitment phobic.

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I hope I helped in clearing your doubts regarding marriage. Let me know about it in the comments section, would love to hear from each one of you. Each one of you matter!

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  • Naveen Akula July 8, 2014, 10:24 pm

    This is what I been searching for lot many times in my mind. Finally got answer for “Why we need to marry??”. Thank you so much for the article <3 🙂


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