Why Men and Women Communicate Differently

Why Men and Women Communicate Differently

We all always think that why the person of opposite gender always communicate differently. Many times it is observed that opposite gender communicate differently and which results in conflicts between them. Some of the common conflicts are:

1. Getting freedom

2. To have control

3. Taking investment decision

4. Cleanliness

5. How to behave in social life

6. How to bring up children

7. Who is right

Some of these conflicts increase so such that it becomes reason for departing. Thus, it is necessary to know why men and women think differently and then try to understand your partner’s feelings. Here are few reasons why men and women communicate differently:

communication prob

1. Men wants to know the fact and women are emotional connected: when it comes to take decision about any situation, they both think differently. Men wants to know the facts and thinks practically before taking any decision where as women thinks in emotionally more rather getting too practical. The reason is that men frequently use their intellect part of the brain and in women brain there is more neural activity going on while communicating.

2. Women can do multitasking: It is always seen that women prefer to do multitasking like cooking food, talking on phone or cleaning home at same time. This is because their brains are made to do multitask. Whereas, men can do one task at a time because he feels to do it perfectly and try to concentrate on one thing at a time.

3. Women like to talk on personal matters while men don’t : Women feel relaxed when they share their feelings with others , it might be their personal feelings also, it is not necessary that she want the solution but sometimes she share feeling just to make you listen.

Men never discuss their personal feelings or problems with others. He feels that when time will come he will solve the problem and store that problem at back of his mind. It doesn’t mean that he don’t trust others or love his partner, it’s just that he keep his problem away, back in his mind.

Whatever may be the reason for different thinking of men and women, but it creates misunderstanding like:

1. Men start getting frustrated by listening continuously to women

2. Women start thinking that men don’t care about her feelings and neglecting her.

However both men and women think differently but it is not tough to get along with each other, only some understanding and feelings are requires.

Do share with us that what more can be reason for different thinking of men and women.

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  • simmerdonna August 9, 2012, 6:06 pm

    You are great Ruchi. Men and women need to share their faith strongly and build upon agape love. Eros love is so shallow and immature physical societal. Mature godly caring and commitment first….agape love. To talk and have faith together. To awaken each day knowing you can talk and if you cant go to counseling before pride and ego take over. I am being faithful god will heal my marriage of 15 yrs. And also being joyful that everyday is a blessing.


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