Tips to Teach Good Manners to Your Children

Tips to Teach Good Manners to Your Children

Teach good manners to kidsYou lived your whole life with good manners and etiquettes. You might be very social and treat others very well but you might think that why your kids don’t behave properly with others or why he/she doesn’t follow manners/etiquettes which you have. It is not that your kid doesn’t want to learn the manners, may be you are not teaching them properly.

The best time for any human to learn good manners is when they are a kid. Things which we learn then, will help in throughout their life-span. Most of the parents make mistakes by letting school do the task for them, which is a big no. A kid spend most of the time at home after school, and you as a parent, it’s your responsibility to teach your kid all moral values and ethics.

How to teach good manners to kids:

1. Set an example:

There are many parents who keep on telling their children that eat slowly, talk nicely but parents themselves don’t do it. Kids learn what they see and thus it is necessary that you set an example in front of them. Set yourself as a role model in front of kid that how you talk with others, how you behave in public place or how to treat other when visitors come to your home.

2. Have patience and be positive:

You have to be patient, you child won’t learn etiquettes in one day. You have to keep practicing often and keep reminding them about etiquettes and good habits. Another problem with most parents is that react very negatively when their child misbehave, they scold or hit their child in front of others , this act can make your child more negative towards you and he/she may get trapped into inferiority complex.

3. Say thank you, sorry and please:

Many adults finds it difficult to say thank you or sorry and they expect their child to say sorry, thank you or please. Child will learn from your family environment, thus never feel shy in saying sorry, thank you or please whenever needed. There is no harm in saying these words; it should not hurt your ego to say sorry in front of your kid.

4. If child learn bad things from others try to explain in private:

If you think that your child is misbehaving because his/her friends do so or he/she speak rudely because of some relative then talk to him politely and tell them that what is god habit and what is bad habit. Keep telling about good habits and tell him to observe the way you talk and behave. This will surely make up his mind towards good things and your child will soon avoid misbehaving.

5. Praise your child:

If your child shares his/her chocolates with other kids or uses spoon and forks properly while eating, don’t forget to praise him. Praising him doesn’t mean that you should give gift to him. If you will make his/her habit about giving gifts for good habits, he will only behave nicely if he/she wants anything. While praising use good words for him/her like “good child” or “we are proud of you” or “you learn so fast”, etc. You kid will be motivated to use etiquettes if you always praise him/her for his good habits.

Kids never want to hurt their parents, in fact they always want that their parents should love them. They do what they generally see and learn from their environment. Parents need to give proper time to their kids for making kids learn manners and etiquettes.

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  • George Serradinho November 16, 2009, 12:20 pm

    This is a great post. I always do my best to set an example and to teach my son manners. I know he does his best to implement what I have taught him, but there are times when I have to remind him. Children learn from example, so parents must be aware of their actions.

    • ruchi November 16, 2009, 1:38 pm

      That’s true, Parents have to take care of their activities to set an example in front of child. You do a great job for your kid.

  • Sagarika Sahana November 25, 2014, 3:49 pm

    Ruchi, it’s truly disheartening for us when we see our child disobeying the rules that we have taught them throughout the life; and understandably, how difficult it would be to accept the truth that our child is bad mannered; a big emotional jolt! Certainly, it’s childhood that our children can be quite well behaved; lasting for rest of their life with all they learned once. Tips provided here are just amazing; expecting them to be much valuable added to parental skills – a gradual, clever approach to teaching our child is just broadly accepted!

    • Ruchi January 15, 2015, 7:54 pm

      Hi Sagarika,
      I agree with you. Glad you liked the article 🙂


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