Reasons to forget your ex partner

Love is precious and we should cherish our past but we should not live in it. Some people find it hard to forget their ex and they keep thinking about them. It’s a good thing that you loved someone but if the person doesn’t love you back, it’s not the end of the world. Here I’m sharing some of the reasons why you should forget your ex.

Forget your Ex

People who prefer to move on, in any relations are happier and live life to fullest. On other hand, people who are not able to accept that their relationship is over; they always feel depressed and feel like a failure in life. It might take few days or months to forget old relation but you must get out of past and start living in present. Accept the bitter truth that it’s over and to make sure you are out of emotional bonding with your ex partner, you have to move on. You have to make new emotional connection, you have to find someone who will be completing you as a person. I know it’s easy to say to forget your ex, but hard to do. Though, do you thing if there is anything our will can’t achieve. One of the most common mistakes people who are trying to forget their ex, they search for “forget your ex quotes” and post it on their Facebook and everywhere. This is one big mistake, because with every status update you are creating more connection with your ex and later on this small things will keep reminding you about your ex.

Why It’s important to forget your ex:

Here are few reasons which show that why you need to forget your ex partner:

1. Negative energy: When you will keep thinking about your ex partner, you will keep generating negative energy inside and around you. This negative energy can ruin your overall lifestyle and you will feel like a failure. Thus, it is important to live with positive energy and forget about past.

2. Concentration power: Whenever you are frustrated and have negative energies around you, your mental abilities are reduced. You are not able to concentrate on work or the way you deal with life problems. You can only find solutions for life problems if you are healthy from mind, but if you keep on thinking about past you can never cope up from life problems.

3. Personality changes: A typical thinking after losing your partner is that you will get lots of sympathy. People will only give you sympathy for 10-15 days not more than that. Keeping yourself lonely, not enjoying parties, not concentrating on work will change your personality and you will also lose your good friends and relatives. Why you need to change your personality for a person who don’t even exist in your life and don’t care for your feelings. Try to live for one who loves you and care for you.

4. Afraid of getting in new relationship: If you will keep on thinking about negative points of your ex partner, then you will never make new friends or find new love. You must think of golden time you had with your ex partner and move ahead in life. It was good experience and now you can get a better partner in life. God might be finding a perfect one for you.

So one should stop thinking about past and move on, there are ups and downs in life. Even your ex partner won’t care or come back to you thinking that you are sad. Thus, Concentrate on present and stop crying for past.

No matter what, your past and ex teaches you new things about life. Try to imagine, how your life changed from one ex to another ex and you are becoming better day by day. If he/she is gone, it’s time to move on, find a new partner and believe me one day when you will actually forget your ex, you will be coming back here and you will be sharing how beautiful your life is now.

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  • sid January 1, 2012, 7:03 pm

    let see i will forget my ex or not and plzzzz pray 4 me dat i frget my partner really!!! i need blessings!!!!!:-(

  • Ruchi September 2, 2013, 12:01 am

    Hey Abhinay,
    I guess its time to move on and start a new life. She seems to be happy with her fiance and ready to start a new life.
    You cant force her and as you tried all the ways to get her back but her response was negative. So, be strong, face the situation and try to move on.

  • Abhishek V August 4, 2015, 4:44 pm

    Hello Ruchi,

    I came across this post last week and having been reading your topics which actually seem to reflect both sides rather than the women always being the victim.

    Thank you for this Ruchi.

    Your topics are rally worth reading again n again because even though I have been through a lot of breakup’s in my life, I still secretly can’t seem to forget my first love. She walked out after 3yrs relationship talking about a fat bank balance and religion and in the coming years posted a pic of her, with her husband being abroad. I have blocked the account, but felt I needed to tell you this to understand that your Topics, especially this one was good.

    I don’t know if your still active on this website, but would like to read more of these self-improvement topics.
    Once again, Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    Abhishek V

    • Ruchi August 18, 2015, 5:40 pm

      Hey Abhishek,

      Glad you like the articles. I am not active right now, but soon I am going to start again 🙂

  • Dolcy September 16, 2015, 4:09 am

    We were in a relationship since last 2 years !my bf is 10 years elder to me finally he confessed to his parents abt us but they were very narrow minded so they r not accepting the relation in any case ! So my bf is leaving me in between n I m broken , I don feel doing anything can’t concentrate on anything !but u knw from the start I told him plz don’t break my heart ever n we got so attached n he always said he will fight for us ,he will definitely take a stand to be with me ! But he is going away

  • Uday Raj December 19, 2015, 3:02 pm

    Thank you Ruchi,

    Really it is really tough to get rid of the truth that she is no more with me anymore.

    I was really depressed and very sad.

    Just a days before , I decided to move on and let everyone to live on the way they want. The feeling that hurt me was more than the time of separation when I start thinking of myself.

    There is no one here to take care of my tears, my pains, no one care weather I had food.
    No one care I have started drinking.
    No one care weather I am still alive or died.

    Move one ! Just forget past.


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