5 Places to Find a Women for Dating

Find Womens for datingMeeting new people can possess a challenge to most of us especially to men. Overcrowded bars and your friend`s birthday parties may sound like a great place but there is so much competition from other men attending the same. Another reason that might turn against you is that women instinctively do not like men who approach them in such settings.

So let me tell you few Places to find a Girl for Dating that will give them a sense of individuality and security.

Where to find Single Girls for Dating?

Gym/ Fitness Centre

Women drool over guys who take care of their health and fitness. Gym/ Fitness Centre are not just the ultra-health conscious men, women flock in numbers to maintain their shape. Socializing in a fitness centre/gym is easier as everyone does the same routine, and just the mere presence of the opposite sex takes the motivation factor a notch higher than usual. So guys, show off your well-build body to win her heart and be her knight in shining armor.

Gym provides the perfect place to find a women/girl for dating as you can do something fun plus meet up a hot bod exercising right next to you and who knows she might well be eying you too. The best way to get to know a girl in a gym, is start with small talks.


Now that the globe is shrinking with the help of the internet, people from all over the world are using internet as a medium to connect. There are many online dating sites providing this facility to people just by clicking on their websites. I know of some couples who met online and they are happily married now. Its convenient and saves the chase, most singles are readily relying upon internet to find them a match. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Tumblr are some of the social networks that promote online dating in a big way.

Hobby Class

Cooking or a language class, whatever your choice is, you will surely meet some great women inside these hobby classes as well as you can impress other lovely ladies with your new learned skills. It may sound clichéd but a way to a women`s heart can be through her stomach, the alpha women of today loves a man who can cook her a romantic supper when they return from work. Better make her drool over you when you speak in French or Italian, these types of hobby classes also provides you with an opportunity to meet up with your classmates later for some brainstorming session to improve upon your grammar, practice or to test a new recipe learnt in class.

Men who are comfortable with their feminine side scores some brownie points with the ladies, go join a Salsa dance group or enroll yourself in a yoga class, she will be impressed by your ability to embrace your not so alpha male side of your personality. I am sure you will not mind spending a few hours daily with some ultra-hot super sexy women dressed scantily.

Shopping Mall

The best place to score with women is the shopping mall, we all know women love shopping and you will find them in a shopping mall more as compared to any other place in town. A trick to work wonders for even the not-so-daring guy is to pretend that you are buying clothes for your sister for her birthday and ask the bombshell you have been eyeing to try the clothing item for you. A man who loves his family is `a dynamite catch` among women.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are like bars but in a more grounded way. Women who are frequent visitors to coffee cafes are easy-going, non-fussy and mellowed down to some extent. They are easy catch as compared to the bar going chick who is too demanding to your pocket.

As per research studies, most single women on a lookout for a date do not just sit in front of their television sets, they go out with friends, socialize, attend events, practice their hobbies, or go out for shopping. Whereas their counterpart would end up glued to their videogame console or watch a really boring cricket match alone at home. So guys, now that you know where to find a catch for yourself, go out and get lucky. Be awesome and charm her with all your tricks.

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