5 Tips for Proposing a Girl for Marriage

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After settling down in a well-paid job, the next big step in a man’s life is marriage. For all those people who are in love and are planning to settle down sooner or later, popping the question could make you the most awesome-est man on this universe, after the girl’s father of course or a monster who she will delightfully dispose at the first hint of annoyance. Some men fear how to ask out a girl, because it might mean commitment, just shed your inhibition guys and think the love you will cherish for the rest of your life.

It’s your unique way and style of popping the question, that will make the girl feel special & lure her in saying ‘Yes’. Don’t you want to make her happy and remember this day for the rest of her life? Then what are you waiting for, read on to know 5 tips for asking a girl out for marriage.

Five steps to romantic Marriage Proposal:

The classic beach style

proposing at beach

Though girls have become modern, classy and find this very clichéd, yet it’s the best way to pop the question and ask a girl out for holy matrimony. A walk along the sea shores, with the wind blowing in your face, an awesome set up (probably a tent style and a barbecue), food and wine could be an ideal set up. Every girl believes in a fairy tale, make this occasion no less than a fairy tale for her.

Any public place

Proposing in a public place preferably a mall or an eating joint could do wonders in building your confidence and let you be yourself. She will definitely like it, all girls like a little bit of public display of affection. Some may find this embarrassing, but it proves whether the guy loves his girl or not and whether he is capable of making her feel special in public or not. By doing this, he proves it to the world, that she is the one who rules his heart. By following this tip for asking a girl out you will unsure a sure shot `Yes` from her.

If you want to make it more memorable, you can hire a private event company or a group of dancers, and plan a flash mob. Here is one such heart-throbing marriage proposal video :

Plan a trip

Planning a trip with your mates isn`t a bad idea either. Surrounded by all your near and dear ones actually makes a difference. The love between the couple is well known and what`s wrong in admitting it in front of your friends. Let the planning begin, make the trip, choose a romantic place and invite your buddies for this special occasion. Remember your precious lady deserves to be treated royally. If you want to make sure she says `Yes` then it have to plan everything impeccably.

Serving it with breakfast

Richard Gare Marriage Prposal

In today’s modern society where live-in relationships have become common, it does not take long to know whether your partner is your knight in shining armour or the queen of your heart. Make your partner`s day special by serving it with breakfast in bed. This reminds me of a scene from the movie `Stepmom` where Richard Gere proposes Julia Roberts with a ring while he gets her breakfast in the bed.

Treasure Ring

If she is the adventurous type, she will definitely enjoy this one. Plan a treasure hunt, you know the rules, you got to set the clues and her special ring tactfully, so that she gets a sense of thrill while trying to search for it. Click pictures of places and send it to her on her smartphone, she has to reach to the destination shown in the picture to decode the next clue, likewise you can plan a whole adventure set up for her. The prize for winning this treasure hunt will be of course you.

Even with above mentioned marriage proposal tips, if you wondering which one is right for you, I have a great solution for this. Think about, how would you like to be proposed for marriage by the girl which you can remember forever. Obviously, keep your guys shade down and think from your heart. 🙂

So are you guys planning to get down on your knees already? She is the love of your life, make her cherish this day forever by simply taking our advice from 5 Tips for memorable marriage proposal. She will not be able to say `No` to such a charming man who does all these lovely things to make his lady love happy.

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  • Apeksha Khanna June 1, 2014, 11:09 pm

    I would like the Treasure Ring 🙂

  • Naveen kumar June 1, 2015, 8:23 am

    am loving a sincere n decent girl n she is a frnd 2 me.But she hates love n she she told me that “forger me n be happy” but I can’t forget her….n . could you please tell me whether she will love me or not…..


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