How to Start Work After Long Break

How to Start Work After Long Break

I recently took a long break from my work and when I thought of starting work again, i found it quit stressful to jump again to work with same passion and enthusiasm. It always takes time to get back to right track after taking a long break from work, it may be because of an awesome holiday with friends/family, marriage, illness or family responsibilities.


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If it happens with you also then here are few things which you must do to start work with same pace:

  • Talk to colleague/ Boss:

While you were not at work, there would be lots of changes in your office, work culture, new company policies or new joinies in your team. It would be good to talk to your boss before starting with your work, it will help you stay updated with the changes in your office and there might be chances that your work responsibilities or project might be changed. This is good way to prepare yourself mentally with new changes.

  • Update yourself:

Apart from new work environment, there are chances that you need to update yourself with new technologies, new projects in your field. To achieve success it’s very important that you keep knowledge of  things or updates in your field especially when your are a blogger/journalist and have niche related to technology, social media or news. Starting work with half knowledge is always dangerous.

  • Don’t rush:

No matter how much your are dying to work but it would be better to start off with small work which require less stress and easier as compared to your earlier work. Don’t make schedules which lead to mental or physical illness. Avoid late night work and taking lots of pressure because you would feel your work as a burden and might fail to develop the earlier passion again in your work.

  • Know yourself:

Few people feel satisfied only when they start taking responsibilities of their work again and they feel uneasy until they get same work routine and passion in their work. On other hand, there are people who need time to rock again and get into normal routine. Thus first know yourself and if you are truly passionate about work then you can jump to your work right after taking break.
These are few things which I prefer to do whenever I return back from my long break. If you have any strategies to get back to track after break then do share with us.

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