How Strong is Your Relationship?

Many of us keep on wondering or confused about where their relationships are heading? Sometimes it is tough to decide that the relationship is just strong enough to continue or might end soon. It’s a fact that many relationships which seems to be perfect, sometimes don’t last long because no one is sure that they truly bonded in the relationship or that relation is sake of some selfish reason.

Here are few points which will help you to clear your confusion and will help you to know how strong is your relationship with your friends, spouse or colleagues.

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  • Trust :

Trust is biggest factor in any relationship. If you don’t care or love any person, it’s better to let them know what you exactly feel in your relationship. The best way to know that you have trust in relationship is when you both can give your most important thing to each other and then also have faith that they will handle it. Apart from that if it’s a long distance relationship then also you both are confident that the love or faith won’t reduce.

  • Honesty:

You can’t expect that both the person in relationship will be perfect and loyal to each other. If you are seeing someone else or working for someone else ( in case of colleagues ) then it’s better to say the truth. If you don’t feel like saying lie in your relationships and keep it transparent then you can be sure that you both have very strong bond with each other.

  • Understanding:

No two persons are same, they have different lifestyle, different opinion or habits. If it’s a strong relationship then you will accept negative points of that person and try to comprise in same. You are always declined more towards positive points and don’t let such small things to ruin your relationship.

  • Dependent:

I won’t say that dependent in terms of financial or physical, here it’s more about mental dependency. Even though you both are busy in your work, your own friends and hardly get time to talk daily but then also if losing each other makes you feel uneasy or frustrated then the relation is for sure strong. You both know that whenever you have any problem other person will be there to support you.

  • Always give second chance:

All kind of relations, either its personal or professional have disputes or different opinions but even in such case if you both keep on trying to give the relation  second chance and always try to make it better then it is the best way to make relation strong and last it forever. Such relations never break-up because of any stupid conversations or habits.
No matter it’s a personal or professional relationships, If these few small things you have in your relationship then you can be sure that your relation will last forever and you can try it to cherish in better way.

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  • Sinan juuu November 3, 2015, 8:29 pm

    It hurts when you’re been ignored by your love, you always think about her, but for her, her work is important then me:-(… How to make her realize my importance and love?!


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