Gift Ideas for Him : Make him fall in Love Again

Gift for Men ideasAs Valentine`s Day approaches, the cupid is ready to struck you and your pocket. While the traditional gift options are in abundance in the market this year, why don’t you think of a gift that will blow his mind away? Whether the man you are dating/ married to is a tough nut, geeky techie or a romantic soul, there are some practical Valentine Day`s gift idea for him. Finding the perfect gift for your man can be as tricky as a puzzle specially if he is not the kind who would enjoy strawberry filled chocolates or a life sized teddy bear, we are sure you don’t wanna come out as someone with puppy eyes.

To avoid such situations follow our tips and make your Man happy by following our gift ideas guide to buy the perfect gift for the love of your life.

What to gift your Boyfriend/Men on Special day:

Be his timekeeper: Watches

The type of watch your man wears defines his personality and style. It tells people about the kind of runner he is. If he is a sportsperson and wants to imbibe that in his personality then a sports watch is the best option to flaunt. Be the timekeeper for him and get him a nice watch to match up with his wits. There are few things that make a man drool and watch is one of them.

Glamour Essentials: Camera

There are many types of photographers, some click the natural beauty whereas some go for abstract things, and then there are those who hog on the limelight by making a beautiful model look all sultry and sexy. The genres are many but the art of photography is same. If you better half is the one interested in photography then buying him a good camera seems like a practical Valentine Day`s gift idea for him. Many options are available in the market, but go for the best camera like Nikon D5100, Ricoh CX2 Sony NEX-5, and Canon 5D Mark II or a Canon EOS-5D.  You will win his heart with this gift and make sure your portfolio is next in line.

Treat him with some love food: Dinner

The best way to a man`s heart is through his stomach. Cook him a delicious homemade meal with some mouthwatering desserts to top it up. Yes, ladies, you can win his heart through this simple yet tested method for years. Light up some candles, get some fresh flowers for the dinner table, open up a bottle of wine, play `Eagles` or `The Moody Blues` to set the right tone.

Geeky gifts: Gadgets

For the techie in your life, an iPod, a new cell phone (iPhone) or a brand new DVD player can be a good buy. You can also fulfill your interior motive of keeping him out from his boy`s night out by gifting him some DVD`s of his favorite action movies like `Shutter Island`, `Terminator` or `Transporter`. He will snuggle in your arms while watching these movies, make sure you have the popcorn ready, and your guy will never leave your arm to be with his buddies. A win-win situation for both of you. He will definitely appreciate that you take care of his likings. The first love for any man has always been gadgets since time in memorial; this gift is a sure shot way to win his heart.

Smell like a Greek God: Perfumes

How does it feel when you know you are on your man`s mind all day long? It does feel good, doesn`t it? Perfumes can surely make him think about you all the time. It is easy to buy and is available in a wide range to suit your man`s personality. A good smelling man is tempting and it will make you bond better if your relationship is losing its charm.

Think beyond the same old boring Valentine Day`s gift idea for him, add a little bit of personalized touch to it to make it seem more thoughtful and meaningful. Flowers, chocolates and cards are the quintessential gifts options related, but this year sweat a little so that the cupid knows that you deserve the bond of love.  Valentine`s Day comes only once a year, make it special for the both of you. Express your love to your man and tell him he is the best boyfriend/husband in the whole world.

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