Why It Is So Hard To Find A Good Man? Solutions!

Why It Is So Hard To Find A Good Man? Solutions!

Since the very beginning of time, maintaining a relationship and dating were the toughest of things around for us mortals. In today`s age with the advent of technology and complexities of life women feels it is hard to find a good man as one always end up with the other kind. Women always crib about the guy they are dating, sometimes the guy is too possessive, jealous and disrespecting, at other times he is a flirt who fools with your best friend and the worst of it all is the one who ignores them. Women and their non-stop complaining attitude will never end, they want to meet someone exciting, someone in whom they see a potential for a meaningful relationship yet they will nag all the time.

finding good man to date

Are there no good guys around or is there a problem in our approach that good guys don’t stay for long? Let us find out where do we go wrong in finding a good man for ourselves because there are so many fishes in the sea but why it becomes hard to find our `Nemo`.

Give Him Space

In any relationship there has to be a boundary, when you respect that line of control it is easier to give space to the other person. Keeping track is okay out of concern but probing all the time about your guy`s whereabouts wont resolve anything. It will just make him more mad gradually, how you would feel if the same treatment is given to you. In the quest for finding a good man sometimes we forget to draw the line. No guy likes being probed all the time. Keep this in your mind and I am sure you will hit the jackpot.

Mind Your Expression

Ladies Ladies now expressing yourself is totally fine but going all the way to the extent of hysterical hee-haws or sob uncontrollably is a big no-no. Control your `Awwwwwws` and `So cute` type of baby talks, men may not directly tell you how much they hate this, especially in public places but it annoys the hell out of them.  Do not limit your vocabulary, there are thousand different words to describe a thing, it is not necessary to label everything as `cute` all the time. Once a friend quoted `It’s easy to dump a DUMB girl`. So do not be that dumb chick who does not know what to speak and where. Always remember an intelligent man looks for an intelligent woman, your way of finding a good  man will only be a success if you yourself becomes a good woman.

Avoid PDA

Public display of affection

Not everybody has to know that you two are together and in love. Girls usually want to indulge into Public Display of Affection to get rid of their insecurities and to show to the goddamn world that they are in love. What the heck!! Nobody wants to know what is going on in your personal life, so avoid. Moreover, your guy hates it too. Ask any sensible normal guy and they would agree with me. Keep your peekaboo activities to yourself lovebirds.

Though this is not a thumb rule, as some guys are different and they don’t care about status quos or PDA’s. but you should be sure that your guys don’t hate PDA’s.

Princess in The Hiding

Barbie Girl

So you like pink color, listening to Justin Bieber, decorating your room with soft toys or playing `dress-up` with your girlies, that’s alright. But over doing it in front of him or forcing him to like the same things is not advisable. Don’t be a doll all the time, there is a difference between playing Barbie and becoming a Lady.

Boy`s Night Out

boys night out

Do not get upset whenever your guy decides to take a break from you and go out with his pals. A little change will help your bonding instead of gluing to each other all the time. There is nothing more a guy wants than a boy`s night out every weekend. Don’t nag about it, let him enjoy his time with his buddies over a game a football and a pint of beer.

Ignore Trivial issues

Making a mountain out of a molehill every time he says or does something that you do not approve of is a bad idea.  Blaming everything on the poor fellow will just make him go away from you. Proving a point is alright but maintain a balance, when it’s your fault-accept it.

Be Who You Are

Try to relax and enjoy the time of togetherness, instead of worrying `How do I look` or `Can he see my chipped nail paint? ` Be yourself and stop pretending to gain the true affection of the person who values you.

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By following the simple rules as mentioned above, we can assure all the lovely women that it will not be hard to find a good man now. So is it really hard to find a man of your dream? Also, let me know where did you find Mr. good man of your life?

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