Avoid Using Tricks to Make Your Relation Better

When it comes to relations, eveyrone tends to make it perfect and if you are an Internet addict then you must tend to read lots of article to make relation successful. 99% of online articles will give you cheap tricks to show your importance to the one you love, few of them are like:

  • 10 tips to make guy/gal love you
  • How to attract others
  • Tricks to get your ex back


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I never believed in such cheap tricks especially when it comes to true relations. No relations can be made forcefully, if you will do it then that relation won’t last long.
Instead of using cheap tricks, its better to give that relation a space. If person really feels your importance in his/her life then he/she will be back for sure. You just can’t show your importance to others with tricks that would be a fake relation and you want that person to satisfy your ego, no one is fool here and such tricks may ruin your impression in front of the person you love.
If your love is true then don’t expect other person to love you, you just keep on loving that person unconditionally. Loving unconditionally feels much better than expecting same from others. Give care, love as you always wanted to give just don’t forget that you are not too much interfering in his/her life. People need space no matter how much you love or care for them.
When you use such stupid tricks, it just brings eagerlness, jealousy or it might also ruin your relations. Making your ex jealous or having new partner to attract someone are very old tricks and everyone understands that you are using tricks, which ultimately lead to ruin remaining friendship or respect.
If you really care for any relation or love someone who don’t loves you then best way to wait for that person or just be good friends with him/her. Never fight or ignore that person, you will regret that relation later. It’s better to cherish the good times and friendship instead of trying hard to make him/her fall in love for you. Friendship stays longer than love.
These are just my opinions, I would love to know yours too. Do you belive in using tricks to get your love or you belive in unconditional?

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  • nuraga shetty May 25, 2012, 11:04 pm

    i love a girl true i always think about her ,,, she s ignoring me badly bcz of sme months gap ,, mre over she loves her mom a lot , she s afraid to tell me about me , wr she will lose her mom trust ,, nw she s asking me to leave her she strted to ignore me but i will never leave her ,,, i lot more than myself i m ready to die for her 🙁 .. i will wait till she come bck ///,,, i dnt like doing any tricks ll ,, but i will just keeping cring her always … i m planning to me her ,, but dnt know wat she will do or hw she will react ,, plz for god sake let any one pray for me ,,, each min i pray god for her ,,, i love her lot

  • Anez November 3, 2012, 8:38 pm

    I do agree with this, some of my friends used to tell me to act a certain way or to dress a certain way to attract a person. However, attracting someone isn’t the goal, its forming a relationship. It feels great when a person gravitates towards you for the virtue of who you are rather than what you show yourself to be. This calls for being somewhat comfortable in your own skin first and for loads of patience……


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