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We believe every relationship (Failed and success) adds more experience into your life. You might be one of those who have a great experience and success in your love life or you might be one of those who might have failed after trying hard. No matter what, with your experience you can help many about what to do and what not do in various aspect of relationship.

We are opening LetsTalkrelationship for people who want’s to share their love story with us or want to give relationship tips and advices. If your story is selected, we will publish your post under your name and people will be commenting and sharing their views on your experience. We have some guidelines for guest post submission, which I will share below:

Topics that you can write on:

  • Your love story
  • Your breakup story
  • You miss someone and want to share why and what you miss the most
  • Art of living articles
  • Relationship advice
  • Open relationship
  • Dating tips
  • Dating Advice’s
  • No string attached relations

Guidelines for submitting guest post:

Our site is focused on global audience and when you are submitting your story, keep “What, why and how” in your mind. Your article should leave a message and should be helpful others. Even if you have a failed relation, you are the best person to advice why your relationship failed.

  • Minimum 500 words
  • If you are sharing your love story, adding an image will help to add personalization
  • Proof-read your article before submitting for review

To start with our guest post submission process: You need to create an account from below link and as soon as your account is approved (24-48) hrs, you can instantly submit your article from our Dashboard.

If you are stuck anywhere or have your article ready in MS word file, you can send it to [email protected]

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