How To Be Polite To Others

There is no doubt that you would love to talk to a person who have a smile on his face and who talks like a gentleman. It’s not a rocket-science to learn How to be polite and with few days practice and care, you can be a polite person and a person who gains love and respect from everyone around.

With so many problems in life sometimes it becomes tough to polite to others. There are few people who are polite since their childhood, they hardly get rude to others. But there are majority of  people who get rude to others very easily.

There are many factors which makes people rude

  • Influence of friends/ relatives
  • To pretend that you are stronger
  • A way to take out frustration
  • Business frustration

No one can deny the fact that everyone try to avoid rude people. Even if you get rude with others, there are few tips which will help you to be a polite person.

How To Be Polite


How to be polite tips:

  • Smile:

There are billions of quotes on smile and we also read them often but don’t know why we forget to smile in front of others. There are people who don’t ever greet others with a smile, just because of their ego. No one gets smaller or stronger if you smile first while you meet someone. A sweet smile is the best way to show your kindness and start conversation.

  • Use Sorry, please and thank you:

Sorry, please and thank you are most ignored words. Whenever you need a favor from someone, do say please to them. If someone has helped you then don’t forget to say thank you in return or if you have done something wrong, accept it and say sorry. Others would be glad to help you in future and these simple words shows how polite you are.

  • Avoid arguments:

There are situations where you don’t agree with other’s opinion, that time it is better to be calm and polite. Instead of getting into arguments, speak softly while discussing things. Listen to others and try to understand what they want to say. If other person is getting rude, keep quiet for few seconds he will understand that you are not interested in arguments. When he calm down then put your views but remember to speak softly and with a smile on your face.

There are many more tips for getting polite with others but I guess that even if you follow these 3 tips, it’s more than enough. Even a small gesture of politeness from you can make a difference to you as well as others in many ways.

If you have to add one more tips into our “How to be polite to others” guide, what that would be? Do you believe, polite persons are more likable than sad people.

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