Nov 27

This Award Winning Short Film Will Make You Smile

Team imposter

Before you watch this award winning short movie “Speechless”, let me know what mood you are in? Now, how about I make your mood more happier. Check out Speechless video by Team Postmasters, which was made in 48 hours. This short Indian movie won various award and it’s perfect treat for the day. This movie is in hindi, but have English subtitles. Don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family on Facebook and Google plus.

Nov 21

Why It Is So Hard To Find A Good Man? Solutions!

finding good man to date

Since the very beginning of time, maintaining a relationship and dating were the toughest of things around for us mortals. In today`s age with the advent of technology and complexities of life women feels it is hard to find a good man as one always end up with the other kind. Women always crib about the guy they are dating, sometimes the guy is too possessive, jealous and disrespecting, at other times he is a flirt who fools with your best friend and the worst ...

Nov 12

5 Tips for Proposing a Girl for Marriage

Richard Gare Marriage Prposal

After settling down in a well-paid job, the next big step in a man’s life is marriage. For all those people who are in love and are planning to settle down sooner or later, popping the question could make you the most awesome-est man on this universe, after the girl’s father of course or a monster who she will delightfully dispose at the first hint of annoyance. Some men fear how to ask out a girl, because it might mean commitment, just shed your inhibition ...

Mar 15

Why you Should not be a Secret Admirer

The Secret admirer

There is this new guy who moved recently to your locality, and you are head over heels in love with him. He is the cutest guy you have ever laid your eyes on, you sneak a peek every night when he takes his dog for a walk. He is messing up with your head in a big way but all you are doing is just day dreaming about him because you have no courage to go up to him to ask him out for a ...

Mar 12

How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship

Majority of people think that maintaining a long distance relationship is tough and very complicated. It is totally on you how much serious you are for your relationship. Long distance relationships have their own pros and cons. For example, if you are a busy person, it will work for you, as you will get enough space. But, if you are a kind of person, who need love and attention all the time, you will find it difficult to be in a LDR. More over, you ...