Valentine Days Gift ideas for Her

Come February 14 and guys all over the world are confused on what to gift their girlfriends. One can always give anything from flowers to cakes to cards or the same old teddy bear but a Valentine Days gift ideas for her has to be thoughtful and straight from the heart that bear the symbol of your love for her. [...]

Gift Ideas for Him : Make him fall in Love Again

As Valentine`s Day approaches, the cupid is ready to struck you and your pocket. While the traditional gift options are in abundance in the market this year, why don’t you think of a gift that will blow his mind away? Whether the man you are dating/ married to is a tough nut, geeky techie or a romantic soul, there are [...]

Six Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Relationships often turn out to be big mess. Often we do not know the difference between falling in love and being in a relationship and you know how guys are. Complicated, sophisticated, irrational, it takes quite a lot to understand guys. But then there is always a way to do things and there is always a way to decode those [...]

What Women Should Wear On The First Date? [Outfit Ideas]

Should I look Sexy? Should I look sober? Should I look simple? Isn't this the questions you always have in your mind while going before the date? Lets face it, our dress is first non-verbal communication which is very important to turn any date into a successful date. And finally it’s the moment when he asked you out for a date [...]

Five Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

At one moment, it seems that she is totally into you and the next second she behaves as if she just couldn’t care. At one second, she is sure about you and the other second, she is all confused. So you also are undergoing the same stuff and are unable to decide what to do? But then who said relationships [...]

Few Qualities Men Wish To Have In Their Girlfriend

You know how men are, they have certain wants, desires, feelings. Yes, contrary to what you people think, men too have feelings, they too get hurt, they too feel, they too care and they too love. So what are the qualities that guys want in a girl that they would want to spend a lifetime with? I guess I got [...]