Jul 18

Few Qualities Men Wish To Have In Their Girlfriend

Qualities Men Wish in Girlfriend

You know how men are, they have certain wants, desires, feelings. Yes, contrary to what you people think, men too have feelings, they too get hurt, they too feel, they too care and they too love. So what are the qualities that guys want in a girl that they would want to spend a lifetime with? I guess I got you thinking at this question. Don’t worry! After a decent research done on my guy friends, here I am with the answers to the popular ...

Jul 16

How To Maintain Relationships With Your Loved Ones

Maintain relationships with loved onces

Last week when I was surfing Facebook, I saw the profile of Neeta. My friend, or I would say my ex friend. Life doesn’t provide both of us enough time to catch up with each other. I saw that she updated the work space in her profile as ‘Assistant Manager’. Promotion obviously was a big reason enough to congratulate her. I called her up and as the course of conversation started, I came to know that I wasn’t the only one who have lost touch ...

Jul 14

How To Approach Women At A Party?

Approach women at party

So you went to that amazing pub in the city and among all other amazing things you saw there, you also saw that amazingly beautiful woman, looking at whom you just forgot your breath. But you are unsure of how to approach her. Ok, so here I am posting a few tips that would come handy to you while approaching women in pub. May be that would help you out. I never thought that I would be writing this one.  So just have a look! ...

Jul 12

5 Awesome Tips To Save Long Distance Relationships

Save Long Distance Relationship

Two people far away from each other physically but yet too close by their thoughts, separated by distance but bound together really tight by love, even the thought of this makes people like me get starry eyed. Yes, you are right, I am here talking about long distance relationships. It’s really very romantic to be in a long distance relationship. Like every coin has two sides, long distance relationships too have their pros and cons. Pros of being in a long distance relationship They have ...

Jul 10

What To Do If He Forgets Your Anniversary?

If he Forgets Anniversary

If you are reading this, it means that you probably might be in the shittiest moods ever! Obviously, we girls are superb in this field. We remember all the dates, the date when he probably first held your hand, the day that you saw each other for the first time, the day that you went out with him for the first time, the day when you first kissed . . . everything! But trust me; guys are not that great at all this. And it ...