11 Little Signs You’ve Moved On For Good

No matter how much I share that you should move on and forget the past. However, I know it’s very tough, you always think about the moments you shared, want to say each and every little detail of your life, send silly messages and spend sleepless nights just to receive a simple “Hi” text. Moving over with your life won’t [...]

How To Break up With Your Girlfriend in Elegant Way?

Though I would never advice anybody to break up, yet lately I have received a hell lot of mails asking me for help regarding this.  So, here I am! I have researched thoroughly on this by talking to a lot of my girlfriends, reading a lot of stuff on all this. It’s really bad to break someones heart. Sometimes it [...]

What Are The Best Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend ?

As they say, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, you know how can you reach a women’s heart, you can reach there by making her feel special. And if you have to make her feel special, what could be a better way than giving her surprises! Best ways to surprise your girlfriend If you are reading [...]

What Are The Best Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend?

Boys might not show much feelings but surely they have them. They might not express intense happiness or intense sadness but that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel that. They also love being pampered, being loved, being cared about, being surprised. Guys may not say that on your face but there is a part in them- a very strong part [...]

Kickass Tips To Make a Man Fall For You?

So you saw this really cute guy at your office. He seem everything you have ever wanted in a guy. He is charming and incredible and amazing and a lot more. You feel an adrenal rush the moment you look at him, the moment you talk to him, you feel like millions of butterflies are freed inside your stomach. He [...]

5 Cruicial Signs: It’s Time to End Your Relationship

We always want to be in a happy relationship. Of course there is no relationship where you don’t have fights or different habits, but apart from a lot of differences, we always try to understand other person’s perception and think how that relationship is making us a better person and completing us in various aspects of our life. But when [...]