Never Give Up When You Face Troubles In Achieving Dreams

Never Give Up When You Face Troubles In Achieving Dreams

Even if are very positive and passionate towards our work then also there are situations when we feel demotivated and don’t know where the things are going wrong. Many times we have to choose path where we know that we might have to struggle hard to achieve our dreams.

Life is all about ups and downs, it doesn’t mean that we quit trying. Bad situations happens in everyone’s life thus instead of getting demotivated and stop trying to move towards your goals, make yourself strong and say to yourself that you can for sure achieve your dreams no matter what life gives to you. Just remember

We might knock down with negative situation, but life is always ready to give you lot more surprises ahead…thus don’t ever give up

Keep faith

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Here are few things remember when you get troubles in achieving your dreams:

  • Life is not a path of roses

If you expect that you will get what you want easily than its wrong. Life is all about fun and struggles. Just imagine a life where you get everything very easily and it would be very easy to achieve your dreams, I guess there won’t be any excitement in life. Make your mind that you need to face challenges and keep on moving.

  • Keep faith

Many of you might not believe in faith, but I totally believe and I truly believe that whatever happens is good for us. Is not that I never broke up with situations, I do but then I think good things of about life. Keep moving, miracles do happens.

  • Be positive

I know it’s very easy to say others to be positive, but that’s the only way you can keep yourself happy. If I have one reason to get disappoint, I have 100 reasons to cheer up. Just keep your head high and make sure that you will give your 100 % to achieve your dreams because a single negative thought can lead you to failure.

  • You have friends to motivate you

If you feel that you are trying your best then also not able to achieve your dreams, then head up to someone who cares and know what is better for you. You will surely find friends around you who know what problems you are facing, even if you say a word to them. These friends will always be there to make you happy and show the right path to achieve your dreams.

It’s really tough when you either have to give up your dreams or get demotivate when you don’t achieve your dreams but never stop trying. At least give it a try, there is always something new waiting for you ahead.

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  • Rahul July 26, 2010, 3:44 pm

    Try try and be successful 🙂 and a quote I would like to say in Hindi if I am allowed 😛
    “lehro se dar kar nauka paar nahi hoti, koshish karne walo ki haar nahi hoti” 🙂
    very nice article as usual 😉

    • Ruchi July 27, 2010, 11:24 am

      Hey Rahul..thx for your quote and comment 😉


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