I Hallucinate, Coz I Miss Him! What Should I do?

I Hallucinate, Coz I Miss Him! What Should I do?

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Here is  a question by Anonymous user, who is seeking for an answer to her relationship question:

I’m in Love or May Be?

Well, there’s someone I can’t stop thinking about, and it’s driving me insane. He lives/lived in the same city as me, but for summer vacation, he’s gone to a different state. He’s the only thing that I really think about. I sometimes hallucinate, and actually hear his voice sometimes. All I want is to be with him.

I’ve told him things about myself that I would never tell anyone else. I know some things about him that probably not a lot of people know. Before he told me the “worst” of it, he told me that HE “DOESN’T WANT ME TO SEE HIM DIFFERENTLY” from before he told me, but even though he told me, it does make me see him differently.

It’s not in a bad way, but the thing is…it just made me want to be with him three million, five-hundred and eighty-six times more. I just want to be with him. I don’t care where, when, or how;I just want to be in his arms—and stay there…

My Conversation with him:

Before he had told me his secret, I had told him that I like him. Then, he asked me,”is it okay if I don’t feel the same way?”
As a tear rolled down my face and my heart split in two, I texted back to him,”Sure, I’ll be okay…”
I hate myself for lying to him about that, it’s just that I didn’t wanna look like one of those girls who cry about everything, so I masked my pain. [As you can see, I don’t like lying to the one I love…]
But when I kept asking him about why he couldn’t tell me his secret, he texted me,”I’m done arguing.”
Playfully, I asked,”why? Does this mean I win? ”
He replied,”No, it means I’m done arguing.”
me: “Why?”
Him: “I don’t wanna talk about it…”
me: “c’mon, just tell me…please?”
him: “Fine…once, when i argued with someone, I said some things that were really mean. After that, I LOST THAT PERSON and I regret ever doing that”[or something similar to that]
and a few days later, when we were texting, this is what had happened after he said something funny:
me: see? you are funny.
him: nope.
me: yes you are: You’re even being funny now.
him: sure your just special…
me: huh?
him:You are special so you think I am funny…
me: I think you’re funny because you keep saying you aren’t
him: Blah…
me: It’s true! Even though that’s not the only reason
him: Then why do you think im funny all the reasons….
me: there’s too many, but you make me laugh a lot.
him: you are special…
me: How?
him: Idk but you are…
After this, I had accidentally fell asleep.

But another thing he had brought up is turn-on’s. He asked me about mine, and he asked it if being tickled is a turn-on for me. [I’m extremely ticklish, and almost everyone tickles me.]

He asks me what I like, and what I like about him, and my interests, and… UGH, why is love so confusing?!

Long story short…I’m sort of getting mixed signals from him. First, he tells me that he doesn’t feel the same. Then, we talk and it almost sounds like he’s actually close to thinking about being into me [The CAPITALIZED quotes from him are capitalized because they stand out from the signals being given.] I’m confused…help, please?

[BTW, if you took the time to read this, I just wanna say thanks, because I don’t really have anyone to talk to this about, because I want actual advice from someone, because I think I’m falling in love with this boy…]

Question to readers?

What would you suggest her in this case? How should she go ahead and take care of her relation?

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  • lovey dovey September 20, 2012, 11:29 pm

    Hye! I am dealing with this kinda situation too! His mixed signals can be confusing and kinda mind-boggling for me too..trying to figure out..what exactly does he trying to tell? To cut my story short, I have actually confessed my feelings to him..and he said..”I think we’re better off as friends”. But the best thing is, since then, he has become more open in sharing stories/ secrets with me. Being able to lend him my ears is the best job in the world, definitely!

    Regarding about the boy you have feelings to, I think, he might feel confuse with his feelings. Maybe because both of you have been friends for quite some time, he probably never thought of having a relationship that is more than just a friend. Men are from different planet! hehe. We tend to fall in love easily towards someone who’re being nice to us..Men? They don’t. Strange creatures. Sheeesh 😛 Well, basically they act nicely towards those whom they value so much, including friends. And being a woman. we tend to interpret the message ‘creatively’. hehe.

    In my opinion, what you should do is, never stop from being yourself. Chances are, he might be able to see the beautiful you. Stay as his best friend & be his support system. Sometimes, loving someone doesn’t necessarily means that we should have him as a lover. Cherish every moment that both of you are sharing now. 🙂

    P/S: If he do fall in love with you later on, you are the LUCKIEST person on earth! 🙂

    Good Luck!


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