5 Awesome Tips To Save Long Distance Relationships

Two people far away from each other physically but yet too close by their thoughts, separated by distance but bound together really tight by love, even the thought of this makes people like me get starry eyed. Yes, you are right, I am here talking about long distance relationships. It’s really very romantic to be in a long distance relationship.

Save Long Distance Relationship

Like every coin has two sides, long distance relationships too have their pros and cons.

Pros of being in a long distance relationship

  • They have their advantages such as they provide an individual with some space and plenty of time to focus on other things like family, goals etc.
  • They provide an individual the strength to keep going.
  • Trust me, there is nothing more beautiful than those late night phone conversations in which people imagine being near each other.

Cons of being in a long distance relationship

  • Sometimes the craving to meet each other supersedes every other emotion. Even love!
  • Sometimes it gets frustrating doing everything on phone, messengers and video chats. You miss the physical presence.
  • Sometimes there are hell lot of insecurities as people aren’t able to be together 24*7 and it leads to situations like “He didn’t pick my phone. Is he busy with that hot girl from college he talked about?” “Her phone is busy at night. Is there someone else in her life?” “Is she cheating on me?” “Does he flirt with other girls as well?” and endless bowls of doubt the individuals drown into. And it could really lead to more shitty situations and would make things worse than they could ever be.
  • Sometimes time becomes a constraint and it’s not possible to remain on the phone the whole time and this could result in the partner feeling neglected. Or even worse, trust issues seeps in, the partner in some cases also feels being cheated!
  • Sometimes the love isn’t enough. People desire intimacy and not being able to get it gives birth to irritation.

Sometimes the distance do take its toll but then that is what you have to avoid. So, here I am going to share five tips that could save a long distance relationship.

1) Have trust:  TRUST. Trust that if he said ‘I am busy right now’ would mean that he is genuinely busy and it’s not an excuse to  ward you off and it certainly doesn’t mean that any other girl has to do something with him being busy. Trust that if she says that “He is just a friend”, then he is JUST A FRIEND. If she talks to other guys then it surely doesn’t mean that she is going to replace you.

You guys wanted a long distance relationship, there has to be some distance between you physically but don’t let that form a distance between your hearts. Long distance or not every relationship needs trust. If there is no trust then there is no point of being together. So start trusting your partner and leave no space for unreasonable and silly doubts.

2) Plan out on small things: Leaving romantic voice notes surely won’t take much of your time but it might mean a lot to your partner. Same goes for handmade greeting cards, small presents and cute SMS. May be you can’t cover the distance but those small things surely can.

And all these little things surely do count. You love her, right? So why hesitate in showing that! And which girl or guy would not love waking up to a beautiful voice note or a small gift or at least a cute little text from the one he/ she loves!

3) Try to communicate through small things everyday:  Be it through video chats (the best!), or phone calls or SMS’es or messengers but try to talk everyday. Only conversations can bridge the gaps that distance creates. So let that be. Talk as much as you can. Share about your lives as much as you can, so that in spite of living miles apart you would know what exactly is happening in each other’s life. And yes, I am still not over that late night calls tip. It certainly is one of the most beautiful part of being in a long distance relationship. Even at times you guys have a fight, ensure that you talk over phone nor video chat. you can also spice up your sex life with apps like Snapchat and Skype. The idea is to don’t let distance come between you too.

4) Involve each other in as many things together as possible:  Be it watching your favourite Shahrukh Khan movie on television while being on the phone together or playing his favourite snooker game on Facebook or even those experiments in the kitchen session or something as simple as singing those romantic songs. Try doing as many things together as you can.

 This would surely bring both of you closer than before and would make you spend more fun times with each other. Trust me, sharing those giggles would make sure that the spark never dies in your relationship. And by sharing all those beautiful moments with each other, you guys are almost sharing lives!

5) Be positive: Now this is the most important of all. Get rid of all those people who talk shit like ‘long distance relationships don’t work’.  You can’t do anything until you believe in it. Completely. So get rid of your negative thoughts and all the negativity and focus on all the positivity.  Just keep these three words in your head “THIS CAN WORK”. It is not at all difficult to maintain a long distance relationship if you follow these five tips. And more than any tips, you need love, trust and understanding. Make sure that long distance or not but your relationship never falls short of these three essentials.

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I hope I helped. So make your friends, who are in long distance relationships, read this. And if you happen to be in one, read it again and also make your partner read this. Just in case, he/ she need to know a few ways to make you happy! *Wink*

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